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2021 Oct 2v0-631 pdf:

Q31. A user requests that an approval policy be changed. The administrator tries to edit the approval policy and fails to find a way to edit the policy when logged in with the System Administrator role. 

What is a likely cause of this situation? 

A. Once an approval policy is placed in Active state, it cannot be edited by any user. 

B. Once an approval policy is placed in Active state, it can only be edited by an approval admin. 

C. Once an approval policy is placed in Active state, it can only be edited by a tenant admin. 

D. Once an approval policy is placed in Active state, it can only be edited by administrator@vsphere.local admin. 


Q32. To improve provisioning time of Clone workflows, the configured per-agent limit has been increased. However, many of the workflows now fail. 

What action would resolve this? 

A. Add compute resources 

B. Increase the timeout interval 

C. Enable Fast Provisioning 

D. Increase the appliance RAM to 12GB 


Q33. An IaaS administrator organizes compute resources into which option? 

A. A Fabric Group 

B. A Cluster 

C. A Reservation 

D. A Compute Policy 


Q34. Once an administrator has added a new property definition to the Properties Dictionary, in which two places can it be used? (Choose two.) 

A. In a Build Profile 

B. In a Machine Blueprint 

C. In an Entitlement 

D. In a Service Blueprint 

Answer: A,B 

Q35. Which three are required components for a vRealize Business Standard installation? (Choose three.) 

A. VMware identity appliance 

B. vRealize Automation appliance 

C. VRealize Business Standard Appliance 

D. vRealize Automation IaaS component 

E. vRealize Operations Manager appliance 

Answer: A,B,C 

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Q36. What is a prerequisite for system administrators being able to add tenant administrators? 

A. The configuration of Identity Stores. 

B. The installation of IaaS. 

C. The creation of an IaaS administrator. 

D. The creation of an Infrastructure administrator. 


Q37. A business group manager requests an email be sent out when resources in their reservations run low. 

Which option best addresses the request? 

A. Edit the business group's reservations and select Send alerts to group manager checkbox. 

B. Edit the business group's reservations and select Email group manager on the alert checkbox. 

C. Edit the business group's configuration and select Send globalemail alerts from vRealize Automation checkbox. 

D. Edit the business group's configuration and select Email all alerts to group manager checkbox. 


Q38. A vRealize Automation administrator needs to allow users to revert their machines to their initial deployment state. 

What should the administrator do? 

A. Enable the Reprovision option in the blueprint. 

B. Enable the Snapshot option in the blueprint. 

C. Enable the Linked Clone option in the blueprint. 

D. Enable the Destroy option inthe blueprint. 


Q39. Which three types of Compute Resources can vRealize Automation use to provision machines? (Choose three.) 

A. ESX or ESXi host or cluster 

B. Virtual datacenter 

C. Amazon region 

D. Amazon AWS 

E. vCloud Director 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q40. You have been tasked with customizing the provisioning workflow of a specific blueprint. What object would you need to edit to achieve this? 

A. Skill 

B. Stub 


D. Agent 


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