[Nov 2021] 2v0 641 examcollection 220-801

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2021 Nov 2v0-641 vs vcpn610:

Q41. Which NSX feature provides the ability to audit network traffic, define and refine firewall polices, and identify threats to the network? 


B. Flow Monitoring 

C. Logical Routers 

D. Service Composer 


Q42. A new ESXi 5.5 host is deployed in a vSphere environment with VMware NSX for vSphere. 

How can the host be prepared for VMware NSX for vSphere? 

A. By using Image Builder to pre-load the NSX for vSphere VIBs in the ESXi image in an Auto Deploy solution. 

B. By leveraging VMware Update Manager to install the new NSX for vSphere VIBs into each of the hosts. 

C. By creating a new VMkernel port in the host from the Host and Clusters inventory view in vSphere Web Client. 

D. By entering the ESXi 5.5 management IP address in the NSX Controllers so the VIBs can be installed. 


Q43. After consulting with the network team, it is decided that Transport Zones will be configured with Unicast Replication Mode for a new NSX for vSphere deployment. Which statement is true regarding the function of the VXLAN Tunnel End Points (VTEPs)? 

A. The VTEPs will send unicast frames to the NSX Controllers when the VTEPs do not have a MAC address in the MAC table. 

B. The VTEPs will switch  to Multicast  Replication  Mode  for  those VTEPs  to which multicast path discovery is successful. 

C. The VTEPs will send multicast frames to all other VTEPs in the Transport Zone when the VTEPs do not have a MAC address in the MAC table. 

D. The VTEPs will send unicast frames to all local VTEPs and remote proxies in the Transport Zone when the VTEPs do not have a MAC address in the MAC table. 


Q44. An administrator  needs to perform  a configuration  backup  of NSX. From which  two locations can this task be performed? (Choose two.) 

A. Directly on the NSX Manager 

B. From the vSphere Web Client 

C. Using the NSX API 

D. Directly on each NSX Controller 

Answer: A, C 

Q45. Which component provides for installation of NSX hypervisor kernel components and user world agents? 

A. NSX Controller 

B. NSX Edge Virtual Appliance 

C. NSX Manager 

D. vRealize Automation 


Update 2v0-641 study guide:

Q46. Where are the distributed NSX firewall decisions logged? 

A. NSX Manager 

B. vCenter Server 

C. NSX Edge 

D. ESXi host 


Q47. What is the most restrictive NSX role that can be used to create and publish security policies and install virtual appliances? 

A. Security Administrator 

B. NSX Administrator 

C. Auditor 

D. Enterprise Administrator 


Q48. When preparing a vSphere host cluster to work with VMware NSX, which two options show VIBs that are installed and registered with all hosts within the prepared cluster? (Choose two.) 


B. NSX Distributed Firewall 

C. NSX Edge 

D. NSX Data Security 

Answer: A, B 

Q49. A company wants to deploy VMware  NSX  for vSphere with no PIM and no IGMP configured in the underlying physical network. This company also must ensure that non- ESXi hosts do not receive broadcast, unknown unicast or multicast (BUM) traffic. Which replication mode should the logical switches be deployed with? 

A. Unicast Replication Mode B. Multicast Replication Mode C. Hybrid Replication Mode 

D. Transport Zone Mode 


Q50. Which tool is used to display VXLAN connection information? 

A. pktcap-uw 

B. NSX Controller CLI 

C. esxtop 

D. VDS Health Check 


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