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New Cisco 300-075 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 7 - Question 16)

Q1. When you configure a globalized dial plan, in which three ways can you enable ingress gateways to process calls? (Choose three.)

A. Configure the called-party transformation settings for incoming calls on H.323 gateways.

B. Configure translation patterns in the partitions used by the gateway calling search space.

C. Configure SIP trunks between Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters.

D. Configure a remote site device pool.

E. Configure a hunt group.

F. Configure the gateway with prefix digits to add necessary country and region codes.

Answer: A,B,F

Q2. In Cisco Unified Communications Manager, where do you configure the default bit rate for audio and video devices?

A. Enterprise Parameters

B. Region under Region Information

C. Cisco CallManager service under Service Parameter Configuration

D. Enterprise Phone Configuration

Answer: C

Q3. When using SAF, how do you prevent multiple nodes in a cluster from showing up in the Show Advance section of the SAF Forwarder configuration?

A. Configure the publisher node only in the SAF Forwarder configuration page.

B. Append an @ symbol at the end of the client label value in the SAF Forwarder configuration page.

C. Configure the correct node in the EIGRP configuration of the gateway router that is associated with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager node.

D. Configure the SAF Security Profile Configuration to support only a single node.

Answer: B

Q4. Which three CLI commands are used when configuring H.323 call survivability for all calls? (Choose three.)

A. voice service voip

B. telephony-service

C. h323

D. call preserve

E. call-router h323-annexg

F. transfer-system

Answer: A,C,D

Q5. Which field must be populated to assign a default directory URI partition in Communication Manager?

A. Directory URI Alias Partition

B. Alias URI Directory Partition

C. Alias URI Partition

D. Directory URI Partition

Answer: A

Q6. Which feature enables users to manage business calls by using one phone number to pick up inprogress calls on either their desk phone or their mobile phone?

A. desktop call pickup

B. send call to mobile phone

C. mobile connect

D. mobile voice access

E. access list

Answer: A

Q7. Which module is the minimum PVDM3 module needed to support video transcoding?

A. PVDM3-32

B. PVDM3-64

C. PVDM3-128

D. PVDM3-192

Answer: C

Q8. Which gateway does the Cisco Unified Communications Manager control all call activity?



C. H.323

D. Media

Answer: B

Q9. Which component provides a list of Cisco Unified Communications Manager node addresses that allow the phone to register to the cluster?

A. DNS option 150

B. DHCP option 150

C. DHCP option 66

D. configuration file from TFTP server

E. Primary Cisco Unified Communications Manager node from configuration file additional nodes during registration.

Answer: B

Q10. An engineer is setting up a Cisco VCS Cluster with SIP endpoints only. While configuring the Cisco VCS peers, which signaling protocol is used between peers to determine the best route for calls?


B. H.323



Answer: B

Explanation: Reference: (page 4, basic configuration is done, third point)

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