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New Cisco 300-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 13 - Question 22)

Q1. A network engineer executes the show ip cache flow command. Wich two types of information are displayed in the report that is generated? (Choose 2)

A. top talkers

B. flow export statistics

C. flow sample for specific protocols

D. MLS flow traffic

E. IP packet distribution

Answer: C,E

Q2. Refer to the exhibit.

Which technology can be employed to automatically detect a WAN primary link failure and failover to the secondary link?




D. multicast

Answer: C

Q3. Which values identifies VPNs in an EVN environment?


B. route target

C. virtual network tag


Answer: C

Explanation: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/ios-nx-os-software/layer-3-vpns-l3vpn/whitepaper_c11-638769.html

Q4. What is the primary service that is provided when you implement Cisco Easy Virtual Network?

A. It requires and enhances the use of VRF-Lite.

B. It reduces the need for common services separation.

C. It allows for traffic separation and improved network efficiency.

D. It introduces multi-VRF and label-prone network segmentation.

Answer: C

Q5. Which three NTP operating modes must the trusted-Key command be configured on for authentication to operate properly? (Choose Three)

A. interface

B. client

C. peer

D. server

E. broadcast

Answer: B,D,E

Explanation: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/availability/high-availability/19643-ntpm.html#assnmodes

Q6. Which two routing protocols are supported by Easy Virtual Network? (Choose two.)

A. RIPv2





Answer: B,D

Q7. Which two statements are true about using IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously on a network segment? (Choose two.)

A. Hosts can be configured to receive both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses via DHCP.

B. Host configuration options for IPv4 can be either statically assigned or assigned via DHCP.Host configuration options for IPv6 can be statically assigned only.

C. IPv6 allows a host to create its own IPv6 address that will allow it to communicate to other devices on a network configured via DHCP. IPv4 does not provide a similar capability for hosts.

D. IPv4 and IPv6 addresses can be simultaneously assigned to a host but not to a router interface.

E. IPv6 provides for more host IP addresses but IPv4 provides for more network addresses.

Answer: A,C


Like DHCP in IPv4, IPv6 hosts can also be configured to acquire connectivity parameters from DHCPv6 servers. IPv4 clients use DHCP broadcasts to locate DHCP servers, and since broadcasts are extinct in IPv6, clients use specialized multicasts to locate DHCPv6 servers. These multicasts use the reserved address FF02::1:2. One notable difference between DHCP and DHCPv6 is that while DHCP can inform clients which node to use as the default gateway, DHCPv6 does not do this.

Q8. An administrator needs to setup an NTP client to provide updates to local without synchronizing to server. What is the command?

A. Serve

B. Serve-only

C. peer

Answer: A

Q9. Refer to the exhibit. After configuring GRE between two routers running OSPF that are connected to each other via a WAN link, a network engineer notices that the two routers cannot establish the GRE tunnel to begin the exchange of routing updates. What is the reason for this?

A. Either a firewall between the two routers or an ACL on the router is blocking IP protocol number 47.

B. Either a firewall between the two routers or an ACL on the router is blocking UDP 57.

C. Either a firewall between the two routers or an ACL on the router is blocking TCP 47.

D. Either a firewall between the two routers or an ACL on the router is blocking IP protocol number 57.

Answer: A

Q10. To enable BGP tunneling over an IPv4 backbone, the IPv4 address is converted into a valid IPv6 address. Which three IPv6 addresses are acceptable formats for the IPv4 address? (Choose three.)


B. 0:0:0:0:0:0:

C. :: D. C0A8:1E01::

E. F. ::C0A8:1E01

Answer: B,C,F

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