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2021 Jun 300-206 vce

Q81. Which three options are default settings for NTP parameters on a Cisco device? (Choose three.) 

A. NTP authentication is enabled. 

B. NTP authentication is disabled. 

C. NTP logging is enabled. 

D. NTP logging is disabled. 

E. NTP access is enabled. 

F. NTP access is disabled. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q82. What are the three types of private VLAN ports? (Choose three.) 

A. promiscuous 

B. isolated 

C. community 

D. primary 

E. secondary 

F. trunk 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q83. Which command configures the SNMP server group1 to enable authentication for members of the access list east? 

A. snmp-server group group1 v3 auth access east 

B. snmp-server group1 v3 auth access east 

C. snmp-server group group1 v3 east 

D. snmp-server group1 v3 east access 

Answer: A 

Q84. Which configuration on a switch would be unsuccessful in preventing a DHCP starvation attack? 

A. DHCP snooping 

B. Port security 

C. Source Guard 

D. Rate Limiting 

Answer: C 

Q85. Which action is considered a best practice for the Cisco ASA firewall? 

A. Use threat detection to determine attacks 

B. Disable the enable password 

C. Disable console logging D. Enable ICMP permit to monitor the Cisco ASA interfaces 

E. Enable logging debug-trace to send debugs to the syslog server 

Answer: A 

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Q86. Which two configurations are necessary to enable password-less SSH login to an IOS router? (Choose two.) 

A. Enter a copy of the administrator's public key within the SSH key-chain 

B. Enter a copy of the administrator's private key within the SSH key-chain 

C. Generate a 512-bit RSA key to enable SSH on the router 

D. Generate an RSA key of at least 768 bits to enable SSH on the router 

E. Generate a 512-bit ECDSA key to enable SSH on the router 

F. Generate a ECDSA key of at least 768 bits to enable SSH on the router 

Answer: A,D 

Q87. What is the primary purpose of stateful pattern recognition in Cisco IPS networks? 

A. mitigating man-in-the-middle attacks 

B. using multipacket inspection across all protocols to identify vulnerability-based attacks and to thwart attacks that hide within a data stream 

C. detecting and preventing MAC address spoofing in switched environments 

D. identifying Layer 2 ARP attacks 

Answer: B 


Answer: Please check the steps in explanation part below: 

Q89. Which utility can you use to troubleshoot and determine the timeline of packet changes in a data path within a Cisco firewall? 

A. packet tracer 

B. ping 

C. traceroute 

D. SNMP walk 

Answer: A 

Q90. Which option describes the purpose of the input parameter when you use the packet-tracer command on a Cisco device? 

A. to provide detailed packet-trace information 

B. to specify the source interface for the packet trace 

C. to display the trace capture in XML format 

D. to specify the protocol type for the packet trace 

Answer: B 

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