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2021 Jun 156-315.75 exam answers

Q431. Which operating system(s) support(s) unnumbered VPN Tunnel Interfaces (VTIs) for route-based VPN's? 

A. Solaris 9 and higher 

B. IPSO 3.9 and higher 

C. Red Hat Linux 

D. SecurePlatform for NGX and higher 

Answer: B 

Q432. To force clients to use Integrity Secure Workspace when accessing sensitive applications, the Administrator can configure Connectra: 

A. Via protection levels 

B. To implement Integrity Clientless Security 

C. To force the user to re-authenticate at login 

D. Without a special setting. Secure Workspace is automatically configured. 

Answer: A 

Q433. Which process is responsible for full synchronization in ClusterXL? 

A. fwd on the Security Gateway 

B. fw kernel on the Security Gateway 

C. Clustering on the Security Gateway 

D. cpd on the Security Gateway 

Answer: A 


Match the ClusterXL Modes with their configurations. 


Q435. Which of the following is a TRUE statement concerning contract verification? 

A. Your contract file is stored on the User Center and fetched by the Gateway as needed. 

B. Your contract file is stored on the SmartConsole and downloaded to the SmartCenter Server. 

C. Your contract file is stored on the SmartConsole and downloaded to the Gateway. 

D. Your contract file is stored on the SmartCenter Server and downloaded to the Security Gateway. 

Answer: D 

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Q436. Robert has configured a Common Internet File System (CIFS) resource to allow access to the public partition of his company's file server, on \eriscogoldenapplefilespublic. Robert receives reports that users are unable to access the shared partition, unless they use the file server's IP address. Which of the following is a possible cause? 

A. Mapped shares do not allow administrative locks. 

B. The CIFS resource is not configured to use Windows name resolution 

C. Access violations are not logged. 

D. Remote registry access is blocked. 

E. Null CIFS sessions are blocked. 

Answer: B 

Q437. An organization may be distributed across several SmartDirectory (LDAP) servers. What provision do you make to enable a Gateway to use all available resources? Each SmartDirectory (LDAP) server must be: 

A. a member in the LDAP group. 

B. a member in a group that is associated with one Account Unit. 

C. represented by a separate Account Unit. 

D. represented by a separate Account Unit that is a member in the LDAP group. 

Answer: C 

Q438. Which of the following is NOT supported by CoreXL? 

A. SmartView Tracker 

B. Route-based VPN 


D. IPV4 

Answer: B 

Q439. Which of the following is NOT a SmartEvent Permission Profile type? 

A. Events Database 

B. View 

C. No Access 

D. Read/Write 

Answer: B 

Q440. What is the command to show OSPF adjacencies? 

A. show ospf interface 

B. show ospf summary-address 

C. show running-config 

D. show ip ospf neighbor 

Answer: D 

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