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Q321. Derek has stumbled upon a wireless network and wants to assess its security. However, he does not find enough traffic for a good capture. He intends to use AirSnort on the captured traffic to crack the WEP key and does not know the IP address range or the AP. How can he generate traffic on the network so that he can capture enough packets to crack the WEP key? 

A. Use any ARP requests found in the capture 

B. Derek can use a session replay on the packets captured 

C. Derek can use KisMAC as it needs two USB devices to generate traffic 

D. Use Ettercap to discover the gateway and ICMP ping flood tool to generate traffic 

Answer: D

Explanation: By forcing the network to answer to a lot of ICMP messages you can gather enough packets to crack the WEP key. 

Q322. What type of port scan is represented here. 

A. Stealth Scan 

B. Full Scan 

C. XMAS Scan 

D. FIN Scan 

Answer: A

Q323. How many bits encryption does SHA-1 use? 

A. 64 bits 

B. 128 bits 

C. 160 bits 

D. 256 bits 

Answer: C

Explanation: SHA-1 (as well as SHA-0) produces a 160-bit digest from a message with a maximum length of 264 - 1 bits, and is based on principles similar to those used by Professor Ronald L. Rivest of MIT in the design of the MD4 and MD5 message digest algorithms. 

Q324. You want to hide a secret.txt document inside c:windowssystem32tcpip.dll kernel library using ADS streams. How will you accomplish this? 

A. copy secret.txt c:windowssystem32tcpip.dll kernel>secret.txt 

B. copy secret.txt c:windowssystem32tcpip.dll:secret.txt 

C. copy secret.txt c:windowssystem32tcpip.dll |secret.txt 

D. copy secret.txt >< c:windowssystem32tcpip.dll kernel secret.txt 

Answer: B

Q325. John the hacker is sniffing the network to inject ARP packets. He injects broadcast frames onto the wire to conduct MiTM attack. What is the destination MAC address of a broadcast frame? 





Answer: A 

Explanation: 0xFFFFFFFFFFFF is the destination MAC address of the broadcast frame. 

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Q326. What ports should be blocked on the firewall to prevent NetBIOS traffic from not coming through the firewall if your network is comprised of Windows NT, 2000, and XP?(Choose all that apply. 

A. 110 

B. 135 

C. 139 

D. 161 

E. 445 

F. 1024 

Answer: BCE 

Explanation: NetBIOS traffic can quickly be used to enumerate and attack Windows computers. 

Ports 135, 139, and 445 should be blocked. 

Q327. What is the proper response for a NULL scan if the port is closed? 






F. No response 

Answer: E 

Explanation: Closed ports respond to a NULL scan with a reset. 

Q328. System Administrators sometimes post questions to newsgroups when they run into technical challenges. As an ethical hacker, you could use the information in newsgroup posting to glean insight into the makeup of a target network. How would you search for these posting using Google search? 

A. Search in Google using the key strings “the target company” and “newsgroups” 

B. Search for the target company name at 

C. Use NNTP websites to search for these postings 

D. Search in Google using the key search strings “the target company” and “forums” 

Answer: B

Explanation: Using is the easiest way to access various newsgroups today. Before you had to use special NNTP clients or subscribe to some nntp to web services. 

Q329. What is the most common vehicle for social engineering attacks? 

A. Phone 

B. Email 

C. In person 

D. P2P Networks 

Answer: A

Explanation: Pretexting is the act of creating and using an invented scenario (the pretext) to persuade a target to release information or perform an action and is usually done over the telephone. 

Q330. Which of the following Trojans would be considered 'Botnet Command Control Center'? 

A. YouKill DOOM 

B. Damen Rock 

C. Poison Ivy D. Matten Kit 

Answer: C

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