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Exam Code: 312-50v8 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Certified Ethical Hacker v8
Certification Provider: EC-Council
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2021 Nov 312-50v8 vce:

Q451. A tester has been using the msadc.pl attack script to execute arbitrary commands on a Windows NT4 web server. While it is effective, the tester finds it tedious to perform extended functions. 

On further research, the tester come across a perl script that runs the following msadc functions:system("perl msadc.pl -h $host -C "echo open $your >testfile"");.

Which exploit is indicated by this script? 

A. A buffer overflow exploit 

B. A chained exploit 

C. A SQL injection exploit 

D. A denial of service exploit 


Q452. Which of the following represents the initial two commands that an IRC client sends to join an IRC network? 






Q453. You receive an e-mail with the following text message. 

"Microsoft and HP today warned all customers that a new, highly dangerous virus has been discovered which will erase all your files at midnight. If there's a file called hidserv.exe on your computer, you have been infected and your computer is now running a hidden server that allows hackers to access your computer. Delete the file immediately. Please also pass this message to all your friends and colleagues as soon as possible." 

You launch your antivirus software and scan the suspicious looking file hidserv.exe located in c:windows directory and the AV comes out clean meaning the file is not infected. You view the file signature and confirm that it is a legitimate Windows system file "Human Interface Device Service". 

What category of virus is this? 

A. Virus hoax 

B. Spooky Virus 

C. Stealth Virus 

D. Polymorphic Virus 


Q454. The GET method should never be used when sensitive data such as credit card is being sent to a CGI program. This is because any GET command will appear in the URL, and will be logged by any servers. For example, let's say that you've entered your credit card information into a form that uses the GET method. The URL may appear like this: 


The GET method appends the credit card number to the URL. This means that anyone with access to a server log will be able to obtain this information. How would you protect from this type of attack? 

A. Never include sensitive information in a script 

B. Use HTTPS SSLv3 to send the data instead of plain HTTPS 

C. Replace the GET with POST method when sending data 

D. Encrypt the data before you send using GET method 


Q455. Which of the following resources does NMAP need to be used as a basic vulnerability scanner covering several vectors like SMB, HTTP and.FTP? 

A. Metasploit scripting engine 

B. Nessus scripting engine 

C. NMAP scripting engine 

D. SAINT scripting engine 


Most up-to-date eccouncil 312-50v8:

Q456. What does black box testing mean? 

A. You have full knowledge of the environment 

B. You have no knowledge of the environment 

C. You have partial knowledge of the environment 


Q457. Buffer X in an Accounting application module for Brownies Inc. can contain 200 characters. The programmer makes an assumption that 200 characters are more than enough. Because there were no proper boundary checks being conducted, Bob decided to insert 400 characters into the 200-character buffer. (Overflows the buffer). Below is the code snippet: 

How can you protect/fix the problem of your application as shown above? 

A. Because the counter starts with 0,we would stop when the counter is less than 200 

B. Because the counter starts with 0,we would stop when the counter is more than 200 

C. Add a separate statement to signify that if we have written less than 200 characters to the buffer,the stack should stop because it cannot hold any more data 

D. Add a separate statement to signify that if we have written 200 characters to the buffer,the stack should stop because it cannot hold any more data 

Answer: AD 

Q458. Destination unreachable administratively prohibited messages can inform the hacker to what? 

A. That a circuit level proxy has been installed and is filtering traffic 

B. That his/her scans are being blocked by a honeypot or jail 

C. That the packets are being malformed by the scanning software 

D. That a router or other packet-filtering device is blocking traffic 

E. That the network is functioning normally 


Q459. What does ICMP (type 11, code 0) denote? 

A. Source Quench 

B. Destination Unreachable 

C. Time Exceeded 

D. Unknown Type 


Q460. You have successfully gained access to a victim's computer using Windows 2003 Server SMB Vulnerability. Which command will you run to disable auditing from the cmd? 

A. stoplog stoplog ? 

B. EnterPol /nolog 

C. EventViewer o service 

D. auditpol.exe /disable 


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