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Q151. What is War Dialing? 

A. War dialing involves the use of a program in conjunction with a modem to penetrate the modem/PBX-based systems 

B. War dialing is a vulnerability scanning technique that penetrates Firewalls 

C. It is a social engineering technique that uses Phone calls to trick victims 

D. Involves IDS Scanning Fragments to bypass Internet filters and stateful Firewalls 


Q152. You have chosen a 22 character word from the dictionary as your password. How long will it take to crack the password by an attacker? 

A. 16 million years 

B. 5 minutes 

C. 23 days 

D. 200 years 


Q153. A hacker was able to sniff packets on a company's wireless network. The following information was discovereD. 

The Key.10110010 01001011 

The Cyphertext 01100101 01011010 

Using the Exlcusive OR, what was the original message? 

A. 00101000 11101110 

B. 11010111 00010001 

C. 00001101 10100100 

D. 11110010 01011011 


Q154. What is the proper response for a FIN scan if the port is closed? 







Q155. Lori is a Certified Ethical Hacker as well as a Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator working as an IT security consultant. Lori has been hired on by Kiley Innovators, a large marketing firm that recently underwent a string of thefts and corporate espionage incidents. Lori is told that a rival marketing company came out with an exact duplicate product right before Kiley Innovators was about to release it. The executive team believes that an employee is leaking information to the rival company. Lori questions all employees, reviews server logs, and firewall logs; after which she finds nothing. Lori is then given permission to search through the corporate email system. She searches by email being sent to and sent from the rival marketing company. 

She finds one employee that appears to be sending very large email to this other marketing company, even though they should have no reason to be communicating with them. Lori tracks down the actual emails sent and upon opening them, only finds picture files attached to them. These files seem perfectly harmless, usually containing some kind of joke. Lori decides to use some special software to further examine the pictures and finds that each one had hidden text that was stored in each picture. 

What technique was used by the Kiley Innovators employee to send information to the rival marketing company? 

A. The Kiley Innovators employee used cryptography to hide the information in the emails sent 

B. The method used by the employee to hide the information was logical watermarking 

C. The employee used steganography to hide information in the picture attachments 

D. By using the pictures to hide information,the employee utilized picture fuzzing 


Renew 312-50v8 questions:

Q156. Fake Anti-Virus, is one of the most frequently encountered and persistent threats on the web. This malware uses social engineering to lure users into infected websites with a technique called Search Engine Optimization. 

Once the Fake AV is downloaded into the user's computer, the software will scare them into believing their system is infected with threats that do not really exist, and then push users to purchase services to clean up the non-existent threats. 

The Fake AntiVirus will continue to send these annoying and intrusive alerts until a payment is made. 

What is the risk of installing Fake AntiVirus? 

A. Victim's Operating System versions,services running and applications installed will be published on Blogs and Forums 

B. Victim's personally identifiable information such as billing address and credit card details,may be extracted and exploited by the attacker 

C. Once infected,the computer will be unable to boot and the Trojan will attempt to format the hard disk 

D. Denial of Service attack will be launched against the infected computer crashing other machines on the connected network 


Q157. Which of the following are potential attacks on cryptography? (Select 3) 

A. One-Time-Pad Attack 

B. Chosen-Ciphertext Attack 

C. Man-in-the-Middle Attack 

D. Known-Ciphertext Attack 

E. Replay Attack 

Answer: BCE 

Q158. Nathan is testing some of his network devices. Nathan is using Macof to try and flood the ARP cache of these switches. If these switches' ARP cache is successfully flooded, what will be the result? 

A. The switches will drop into hub mode if the ARP cache is successfully flooded. 

B. If the ARP cache is flooded,the switches will drop into pix mode making it less susceptible to attacks. 

C. Depending on the switch manufacturer,the device will either delete every entry in its ARP cache or reroute packets to the nearest switch. 

D. The switches will route all traffic to the broadcast address created collisions. 


Q159. A digital signature is simply a message that is encrypted with the public key instead of the private key. 

A. true 

B. false 


Q160. What does FIN in TCP flag define? 

A. Used to abort a TCP connection abruptly 

B. Used to close a TCP connection 

C. Used to acknowledge receipt of a previous packet or transmission 

D. Used to indicate the beginning of a TCP connection 


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