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2021 Nov 312-50v8 questions:

Q281. Which of the following activities will NOT be considered as passive footprinting? 

A. Go through the rubbish to find out any information that might have been discarded. 

B. Search on financial site such as Yahoo Financial to identify assets. 

C. Scan the range of IP address found in the target DNS database. 

D. Perform multiples queries using a search engine. 


Q282. Which tool/utility can help you extract the application layer data from each TCP connection from a log file into separate files? 

A. Snort 

B. argus 

C. TCPflow 

D. Tcpdump 


Q283. What are the three phases involved in security testing? 

A. Reconnaissance,Conduct,Report B. Reconnaissance,Scanning,Conclusion 

C. Preparation,Conduct,Conclusion 

D. Preparation,Conduct,Billing 


Q284. Several of your co-workers are having a discussion over the etc/passwd file. They are at odds over what types of encryption are used to secure Linux passwords.(Choose all that apply. 

A. Linux passwords can be encrypted with MD5 

B. Linux passwords can be encrypted with SHA 

C. Linux passwords can be encrypted with DES 

D. Linux passwords can be encrypted with Blowfish 

E. Linux passwords are encrypted with asymmetric algrothims 

Answer: ACD 

Q285. This packet was taken from a packet sniffer that monitors a Web server. 

This packet was originally 1514 bytes long, but only the first 512 bytes are shown here. This is the standard hexdump representation of a network packet, before being decoded. A hexdump has three columns: the offset of each line, the hexadecimal data, and the ASCII equivalent. This packet contains a 14-byte Ethernet header, a 20-byte IP header, a 20-byte TCP header, an HTTP header ending in two line-feeds (0D 0A 0D 0A) and then the data. By examining the packet identify the name and version of the Web server? 

A. Apache 1.2 

B. IIS 4.0 

C. IIS 5.0 

D. Linux WServer 2.3 


Renovate eccouncil 312-50v8 vce:

Q286. What is Hunt used for? 

A. Hunt is used to footprint networks 

B. Hunt is used to sniff traffic 

C. Hunt is used to hack web servers 

D. Hunt is used to intercept traffic i.e. man-in-the-middle traffic 

E. Hunt is used for password cracking 


Q287. In Buffer Overflow exploit, which of the following registers gets overwritten with return address of the exploit code? 






Q288. In which step Steganography fits in CEH System Hacking Cycle (SHC) 

A. Step 2: Crack the password 

B. Step 1: Enumerate users 

C. Step 3: Escalate privileges 

D. Step 4: Execute applications 

E. Step 5: Hide files 

F. Step 6: Cover your tracks 


Q289. After an attacker has successfully compromised a remote computer, what would be one of the last steps that would be taken to ensure that the compromise is not traced back to the source of the problem? 

A. Install pactehs 

B. Setup a backdoor 

C. Cover your tracks 

D. Install a zombie for DDOS 


Q290. What type of attack is shown here? 

A. Bandwidth exhaust Attack 

B. Denial of Service Attack 

C. Cluster Service Attack 

D. Distributed Denial of Service Attack 


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