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2021 Jan eccouncil 312-50v8:

Q501. Which of the following is NOT true of cryptography? 

A. Science of protecting information by encoding it into an unreadable format 

B. Method of storing and transmitting data in a form that only those it is intended for can read and process 

C. Most (if not all) algorithms can be broken by both technical and non-technical means 

D. An effective way of protecting sensitive information in storage but not in transit 


Q502. Which one of the following instigates a SYN flood attack? 

A. Generating excessive broadcast packets. 

B. Creating a high number of half-open connections. 

C. Inserting repetitive Internet Relay Chat (IRC) messages. 

D. A large number of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) traces. 


Q503. The use of technologies like IPSec can help guarantee the followinG. authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and 

A. non-repudiation. 

B. operability. 

C. security. 

D. usability. 


Q504. Because UDP is a connectionless protocol: (Select 2) 

A. UDP recvfrom() and write() scanning will yield reliable results 

B. It can only be used for Connect scans 

C. It can only be used for SYN scans 

D. There is no guarantee that the UDP packets will arrive at their destination 

E. ICMP port unreachable messages may not be returned successfully 

Answer: DE 

Q505. Tess King is making use of Digest Authentication for her Web site. Why is this considered to be more secure than Basic authentication? 

A. Basic authentication is broken 

B. The password is never sent in clear text over the network 

C. The password sent in clear text over the network is never reused. 

D. It is based on Kerberos authentication protocol 


Up to date 312-50v8 vce:

Q506. Neil is closely monitoring his firewall rules and logs on a regular basis. Some of the users have complained to Neil that there are a few employees who are visiting offensive web site during work hours, without any consideration for others. Neil knows that he has an up-to-date content filtering system and such access should not be authorized. What type of technique might be used by these offenders to access the Internet without restriction? 

A. They are using UDP that is always authorized at the firewall 

B. They are using an older version of Internet Explorer that allow them to bypass the proxy server 

C. They have been able to compromise the firewall,modify the rules,and give themselves proper access 

D. They are using tunneling software that allows them to communicate with protocols in a way it was not intended 


Q507. Study the snort rule given below and interpret the rule. 

alert tcp any any --> 111 (content:"|00 01 86 a5|"; msG. "mountd access";) 

A. An alert is generated when a TCP packet is generated from any IP on the subnet and destined to any IP on port 111 

B. An alert is generated when any packet other than a TCP packet is seen on the network and destined for the subnet 

C. An alert is generated when a TCP packet is originated from port 111 of any IP address to the subnet 

D. An alert is generated when a TCP packet originating from any IP address is seen on the network and destined for any IP address on the subnet on port 111 


Q508. Which method can provide a better return on IT security investment and provide a thorough and comprehensive assessment of organizational security covering policy, procedure design, and implementation? 

A. Penetration testing 

B. Social engineering 

C. Vulnerability scanning 

D. Access control list reviews 


Q509. While attempting to discover the remote operating system on the target computer, you receive the following results from an nmap scan: 

Remote operating system guess: Too many signatures match to reliably guess the OS. 

Nmap run completed -- 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 277.483 seconds 

What should be your next step to identify the OS? 

A. Perform a firewalk with that system as the target IP 

B. Perform a tcp traceroute to the system using port 53 

C. Run an nmap scan with the -v-v option to give a better output 

D. Connect to the active services and review the banner information 


Q510. While investigating a claim of a user downloading illegal material, the investigator goes through the files on the suspect's workstation. He comes across a file that is just called "file.txt" but when he opens it, he finds the following: 

What can he infer from this file? 

A. A picture that has been renamed with a .txt extension 

B. An encrypted file 

C. An encoded file 

D. A buffer overflow 


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