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Q41. The product team at an ISP that offers VoIP services wants to add two-way video conferencing to their product offering. Which three QoS methods can be applied for real-time traffic on WAN links with speeds that are slower than 768 Kbps? (Choose three.) 

A. Apply MLP link fragmentation and interleaving to the interface. 

B. Apply LLQ with both voice traffic and video traffic in the same priority queue. 

C. Apply CBWFQ with VoIP traffic in its own class, which is marked with a PHB value of EF. 

D. Apply CBWFQ with video traffic in its own class, which is marked with a PHB value of AF41. 

E. Apply voice-adaptive fragmentation to ensure that large video packets are fragmented and interleaved. 

F. Apply LLQ with video traffic that is dedicated in the priority queue. 

Answer: A,C,D 

Explanation: S-SRND-Book/WANQoS.html 

Q42. A network engineer wants to decrease the convergence time of a network that is running integrated IS-IS as an IGP, at the expense of bandwidth and CPU usage. Which two configuration tasks achieve this goal? (Choose two.) 

A. Configure the hold time to be 1 second. 

B. Configure the hello interval to be minimal. 

C. Ensure that hello-padding is disabled. 

D. Ensure that the hello multiplier is set to 3. 

E. Configure the hello multiplier to be 3. 

Answer: B,D 

Explanation: +hello+multiplier+minimal+time+in+integrated+is-is&source=bl&ots=XqDfyO3AVT&sig=NHY0L-k-nhHrg7h6i3RWorttgcE&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CDAQ6AEwA2oVChMIhfCI5ZXTxwIVQwaOC h3PfQea#v=onepage&q=what%20is%20hello%20multiplier%20minimal%20time%20in%20 integrated%20is-is&f=false 


Drag and drop Evolved Packet Core functional entities on the left to the correct description on the right. 


Q44. A Service Provider is offering VoIP services and a service level agreement to customers. Which configuration provides validation to customers that the service level agreement has been honored? 

A. ip sla 999 udp-jitter 1000 codec g729a tos 160 ip sla schedule 999 life forever start-time now 

B. ip sla 999 icmp-jitter tos 160 ip sla schedule 999 life forever start-time now 

C. ip sla 999 icmp-jitter tag VoIP-SLA ip sla schedule 999 life forever start-time now 

D. ip sla 999 udp-jitter 1000 codec g729a tag VoIP-SLA 

ip sla schedule 999 life forever start-time now 

Answer: D 

Q45. Which multicast feature listens multicast conversations maintaining a map in order to control which ports receive specific multicast traffic? 

A. Bidirectional PIM 

B. Source Specific Multicast 

C. PIM assertion 

D. IGMP snooping 

Answer: D 

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Q46. Refer to the exhibit. 

OSPF is already running with the default OSPF parameters. R1 has added a new subnet (loopback 11). What will occur in regards to SPT computing on R2 router? 

A. Adding ispf command on R2 router, the entire SPT will be computed on R2 router. 

B. Because prefix information will be in a LSA type 3 on R2 router's OSPF database, R2 router will run partial SPF computation. 

C. Adding ispf command on R2 router, R2 router will recompute only the affected part of tree. 

D. Because prefix will be a LSA type 1 on R2 router's OSPF database. R2 router will always run a full SPF computation, even though an OSPF optimization is applied on R2 router. 

Answer: C 

Q47. A telecom company offers ISPs the ability to resell dynamic IP broadband services over its local loops, but it does not allow the resellers to install broadband network gateways. If an ISP wants to become a reseller but is unable to use NHRP, which tunneling protocol should be implemented? 

A. IP in IP 

B. IPsec 

C. L2TP 


Answer: C 


However, while OpenVPN can not be used with VoIP, L2TP can be used for VoIP. Only use this if OpenVPN is not available and you are in need of very high security/encryption. 

Q48. A MPP has been implemented in a Cisco IOS-XR device. Which are the two results that will occur? (Choose two.) 

A. If MPP is disabled and a protocol is activated, all interfaces cannot pass traffic 

B. MPP configuration changes doesn't affect active sessions established before the changes 

C. RP/DRP Ethernet Interfaces are not default out-of-band interfaces 

D. Management traffic to RP from all non-MPP interfaces is dropped 

E. Interfaces configured for out-of-band MPP are still part of global routing/forwarding 

Answer: B,D 

Q49. Which QoS method is available when GRE is used to provide MPLS VPN services over an IP-only core? 

A. matching MPLS EXP on the physical interface 

B. matching EXP on the tunnel interface 

C. matching DSCP on the physical interface 

D. matching DSCP on the tunnel interface 

Answer: C 

Q50. What is NETCONF? 

A. It is a standard for installing, manipulating and deleting configuration of network devices. 

B. it is a Cisco proprietary solution to help remove the time, cost and manual steps involved in network element configuration. 

C. It is data modeling language, to help remove the time, cost and manual steps involved in network element configuration. 

D. It is a new recommendation which writes device specific CLI scripts while keeping flexibility in a vendor dependence environment. 

Answer: A 


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