Aug 2021 updated: Testking Cisco 650-059 exam guide 11-20

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2021 Aug 650-059 study guide

Q11. In which service component of the optimize phase would you assess the routing and switching system and recommend activities such as optimizing device configurations, capacity planning, or traffic analysis? 

A. change management 

B. technology assessment 

C. security assessment 

D. security administration 

E. operations assessment 

F. operations readiness assessment 

Answer: B 

Q12. In which service component of the operate phase would you help verify the configuration management database? 

A. configuration management 

B. acceptance test plan 

C. change management 

D. incident management 

Answer: A 

Q13. Which service component in the implement phase includes activities such as verifying that the customer understands the operational processes and its post-sales support responsibilities? 

A. project planning 

B. post-implementation support handoff meeting 

C. update leading practices 

D. develop escalation process 

Answer: B 

Q14. In which service component of the design phase would you provide a comprehensive, implementation-ready design for the customer's solution? 

A. implementation plan 

B. high level design 

C. detailed design development 

D. staging plan 

Answer: C 

Q15. During which service component in the optimize phase would you assess the network for vulnerabilities, in order to reduce the risk of attacks? 

A. change management 

B. security assessment 

C. operations readiness assessment 

D. oprations assessment 

E. echnology assessment 

Answer: B 

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Q16. Which activity is a part of the operations assessment service component in the optimize phase? 

B. account qualification 

C. detailed design development 

D. high-level design development 

Answer: D 

Q17. production? 

A. skill assessment 

B. systems integration 

C. project close out 

D. acceptance testing 

E. security check 

Answer: D 

Q18. Which of these correctly identifies the six phases of the Cisco lifecycles framework? 

A. prepare, plan, design, operate, and migrate 

B. prepare, plan, create, implement, operate, and improve 

C. prepare, plan design, implement, operate, and migrate 

D. prepare, plan design, implement, operate and optimize 

Answer: D 

Q19. In which service component would you standartize methods and procedures for authorizing, documenting, and performing changes to the network? 

A. operatins setup 

B. configuration management 

C. change management 

D. security administration 

Answer: C 

Q20. Preparing, conducting, and performing a security gap analysis is part of which service component in the plan phase? 

A. operations readiness assessment 

B. planning project kickoff 

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