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2021 Jul certainteed cas-002:

Q51. - (Topic 1) 

The technology steering committee is struggling with increased requirements stemming from an increase in telecommuting. The organization has not addressed telecommuting in the past. The implementation of a new SSL-VPN and a VOIP phone solution enables personnel to work from remote locations with corporate assets. Which of the following steps must the committee take FIRST to outline senior management’s directives? 

A. Develop an information classification scheme that will properly secure data on corporate systems. 

B. Implement database views and constrained interfaces so remote users will be unable to access PII from personal equipment. 

C. Publish a policy that addresses the security requirements for working remotely with company equipment. 

D. Work with mid-level managers to identify and document the proper procedures for telecommuting. 

Answer: C 

Q52. - (Topic 2) 

An enterprise must ensure that all devices that connect to its networks have been previously approved. The solution must support dual factor mutual authentication with strong identity assurance. In order to reduce costs and administrative overhead, the security architect wants to outsource identity proofing and second factor digital delivery to the third party. Which of the following solutions will address the enterprise requirements? 

A. Implementing federated network access with the third party. 

B. Using a HSM at the network perimeter to handle network device access. 

C. Using a VPN concentrator which supports dual factor via hardware tokens. 

D. Implementing 802.1x with EAP-TTLS across the infrastructure. 

Answer: D 

Q53. - (Topic 1) 

A developer has implemented a piece of client-side JavaScript code to sanitize a user’s provided input to a web page login screen. The code ensures that only the upper case and lower case letters are entered in the username field, and that only a 6-digit PIN is entered in the password field. A security administrator is concerned with the following web server log: – - [02/Mar/2014:06:13:04] “GET /site/script.php?user=admin&pass=pass%20or%201=1 HTTP/1.1” 200 5724 

Given this log, which of the following is the security administrator concerned with and which fix should be implemented by the developer? 

A. The security administrator is concerned with nonprintable characters being used to gain administrative access, and the developer should strip all nonprintable characters. 

B. The security administrator is concerned with XSS, and the developer should normalize Unicode characters on the browser side. 

C. The security administrator is concerned with SQL injection, and the developer should implement server side input validation. 

D. The security administrator is concerned that someone may log on as the administrator, and the developer should ensure strong passwords are enforced. 

Answer: C 

Q54. - (Topic 5) 

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has asked the IT administrator to protect the externally facing web server from SQL injection attacks and ensure the backend database server is monitored for unusual behavior while enforcing rules to terminate unusual behavior. Which of the following would BEST meet the CEO’s requirements? 

A. WAF and DAM 

B. UTM and NIDS 

C. DAM and SIEM 

D. UTM and HSM 

E. WAF and SIEM 

Answer: A 

Q55. - (Topic 1) 

select id, firstname, lastname from authors User input= firstname= Hack;man lastname=Johnson 

Which of the following types of attacks is the user attempting? 

A. XML injection 

B. Command injection 

C. Cross-site scripting 

D. SQL injection 

Answer: D 

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Avant-garde certainteed cas-002:

Q56. - (Topic 5) 

A security administrator notices a recent increase in workstations becoming compromised by malware. Often, the malware is delivered via drive-by downloads, from malware hosting websites, and is not being detected by the corporate antivirus. Which of the following solutions would provide the BEST protection for the company? 

A. Increase the frequency of antivirus downloads and install updates to all workstations. 

B. Deploy a cloud-based content filter and enable the appropriate category to prevent further infections. 

C. Deploy a NIPS to inspect and block all web traffic which may contain malware and exploits. 

D. Deploy a web based gateway antivirus server to intercept viruses before they enter the network. 

Answer: B 

Q57. - (Topic 1) 

A developer is determining the best way to improve security within the code being developed. The developer is focusing on input fields where customers enter their credit card details. Which of the following techniques, if implemented in the code, would be the MOST effective in protecting the fields from malformed input? 

A. Client side input validation 

B. Stored procedure 

C. Encrypting credit card details 

D. Regular expression matching 

Answer: D 

Q58. - (Topic 5) 

A security engineer at a bank has detected a Zeus variant, which relies on covert communication channels to receive new instructions and updates from the malware developers. As a result, NIPS and AV systems did not detect the configuration files received by staff in emails that appeared as normal files. Which of the following BEST describes the technique used by the malware developers? 

A. Perfect forward secrecy 

B. Stenography 

C. Diffusion 

D. Confusion 

E. Transport encryption 

Answer: B 

Q59. - (Topic 1) 

A new piece of ransomware got installed on a company’s backup server which encrypted the hard drives containing the OS and backup application configuration but did not affect the deduplication data hard drives. During the incident response, the company finds that all backup tapes for this server are also corrupt. Which of the following is the PRIMARY concern? 

A. Determining how to install HIPS across all server platforms to prevent future incidents 

B. Preventing the ransomware from re-infecting the server upon restore 

C. Validating the integrity of the deduplicated data 

D. Restoring the data will be difficult without the application configuration 

Answer: D 

Q60. - (Topic 5) 

Two separate companies are in the process of integrating their authentication infrastructure into a unified single sign-on system. Currently, both companies use an AD backend and two factor authentication using TOTP. The system administrators have configured a trust relationship between the authentication backend to ensure proper process flow. How should the employees request access to shared resources before the authentication integration is complete? 

A. They should logon to the system using the username concatenated with the 6-digit code and their original password. 

B. They should logon to the system using the newly assigned global username: first.lastname#### where #### is the second factor code. 

C. They should use the username format: LANfirst.lastname together with their original password and the next 6-digit code displayed when the token button is depressed. 

D. They should use the username format: first.lastname@company.com, together with a password and their 6-digit code. 

Answer: D 

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