Salesforce DEV-401 Exam Questions 2019

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New approval steps can be added to an active approval process only if it is deactivated.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer: B

What feature must be enabled on your user record before you can use the Inline editor?


    Explanation: Development mode

    What are the 4 Declarative Application building blocks of the User Interface? (Select all that apply)

    • A. Visualforce Pages
    • B. Applications
    • C. Tabs
    • D. Workflow
    • E. Page Layouts
    • F. Record Types

    Answer: BCEF

    A user faces problem while logging into Salesforce. What should administrator do?

    • A. Change IP address of the machine
    • B. Unlock the user
    • C. See login history

    Answer: C

    What are the 3 levels of access available through Organization-wide Defaults?


      Explanation: Public Read/write - View and edit all records Public Read Only - View all records Private - View only own records

      Up to how many custom fields in a standard or custom object can be marked as external id field?


        Explanation: Three

        NEW QUESTION 7
        Which field type is not available while creating a new custom field in a newly created custom object?


          Explanation: roll-up summary field

          NEW QUESTION 8
          Checking 'Grant Access Using Hierarchies' gives what type of access to records owned by subordinates?

          • A. Read, Edit
          • B. Read, Edit, Delete
          • C. Depends on what access the profile of the senior has for that object out of Read, Edit, Delete.

          Answer: C

          NEW QUESTION 9
          CORRECT TEXT
          What is a contact role and for which objects is it available?


            Explanation: A contact role defines the part that a contact or person account plays in a specific account, case, contract, or opportunity. For example, Tom Jones might be the Decision Maker for the opportunity, and Mary Smith might be the Evaluator. You can assign a contact role to any contact or person account that affects your account, case, contract, or opportunity. Contacts and person accounts can have different contact roles on various accounts, cases, contracts, or opportunities.

            NEW QUESTION 10
            While inserting/updating/upserting a new user using the Apex Data Loader, values for which of these fields can be provided in the input csv file?

            • A. User Role
            • B. User License
            • C. User Profile

            Answer: AC

            NEW QUESTION 11
            CORRECT TEXT
            Which are the 6 Standard profiles?


              Explanation: Standard profiles:- System Administrator, Contract Manager, Solution Manager, Marketing User, Standard User, Read Only

              NEW QUESTION 12
              'View All' has been checked at the profile level for a custom object Position but 'Modify All' has not been checked. OWD is read/write of the Position object. Any user can delete Position records owned by other users.

              • A. True
              • B. False
              • C. Depends

              Answer: C

              NEW QUESTION 13
              CORRECT TEXT
              What are Visualforce Controllers?


                Explanation: A set of instructions that specify what happens when a user interacts with the components specified in the page.

                NEW QUESTION 14
                CORRECT TEXT
                Building your Data Model Describe 3 limitations of encrypted fields


                  Explanation: Cannot be unique Cannot be an external Id Cannot have default values.

                  NEW QUESTION 15
                  CORRECT TEXT
                  How should you use permissions sets in conjunction with profiles to grant access permissions?


                    Explanation: Use profiles to assign the most restrictive access settings Use Permission sets to grant additional permissions.

                    NEW QUESTION 16
                    What type of content can be include in Visualforce pages? (Select all that apply.)

                    • A. Text
                    • B. HTML
                    • C. JavaScript
                    • D. Flash

                    Answer: ABCD

                    NEW QUESTION 17
                    CORRECT TEXT
                    How many permission sets can you have in an organization?


                      Explanation: One thousand

                      NEW QUESTION 18
                      CORRECT TEXT
                      What is the difference between Apex Data Loader and Import Wizard as far as generating extra accounts is concerned?


                        Explanation: Apex Data Loader
                        If Salesforce account ID is specified incorrectly while loading contact, then loading of contact fails as no account exists in Salesforce with this account ID. Import Wizard. If account name is specified incorrectly while loading contact, then new account gets generated with the new name.

                        NEW QUESTION 19
                        If multiple active workflow rules are present on an object, then these workflow rules will execute in the order in which they have been created.

                        • A. True
                        • B. False

                        Answer: B

                        NEW QUESTION 20
                        CORRECT TEXT
                        If OWD of Opportunity is set to private, then which all opportunities can a user view?


                          Explanation: As OWD of Opportunity is set to private, so any user will be able to view only these opportunities:
                          1. Opportunities owned by the user.
                          2. Opportunities shared with the user using Opportunity Sharing Rule.
                          3. Opportunities owned by users below this user in the organization role hierarchy as 'Grant Access Using Hierarchies' is always checked for standard objects. It cannot be unchecked.
                          4. Opportunities on which this user has been added as an Opportunity Team member

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