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Ursa Major Solar would like its Experience Cloud site’s guest users to benefit from the suggestions that come from autocomplete on search terms.
How should the administrator configure this?

  • A. Use the Developer Console to add code to allow for autocomplete functionality.
  • B. In Salesforce Setup, type "support settings” in the quick find bo
  • C. Under the Autocomplete header, select the objects to appear in autocomplete for guest users.
  • D. In the Search component property editor, open the Autocomplete section and click desired objects to appear in autocomplet
  • E. Select "publicly available".
  • F. In the Hero component property editor, open the Search Results section and click desired objects to appear in autocomplet
  • G. Select "publicly available”.

Answer: C

The Experience Cloud site manager of Cloud Kicks has enabled reputation for its community members, As per the recommendation given by the Experience Cloud consultant, a decision was made to use the out of the box features.
Which two things happen automatically when the site manager enables automation? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Customer portal members gain the ability to provide badges to other members.
  • B. Inactive and active members are assigned default reputation points.
  • C. Chatter influence is removed from the Contribution section on the Profile page.
  • D. Default point system and set of reputation levels become available.

Answer: CD

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to add a background image to a record list of products in its digital experience. How should an administrator accomplish this?

  • A. Use an HTML component
  • B. Create CMS items.
  • C. Use a Flexible page layout.
  • D. Build a custom Lightning component.

Answer: C

Cloud Kicks (CK) uses SSO (Single Sign-on) for its customer portal. The customer portal is built on the Customer Service template which uses LDS (Lightning Design System) and has public pages that use Lightning Web Components. CK gas also set up the Salesforce Content Delivery Network (CDN) for its domain, which CK is planning to change.

  • A. Changing the Salesforce CDN overwrites LDS defaults.
  • B. Changing the Salesforce CDN affects SAML SSO settings for all custom URLs in that domain.
  • C. Changing the Salesforce CDN impacts the AppExchange packages in the org that use Documents object.
  • D. Changing the Salesforce CDN impacts definitions of all Lightning Web Components used in public pages.

Answer: B

Which two statements regarding data categories are true? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Child roles cannot see more data categories than their parent rol
  • B. If the parent role’s visibility changes, the child role’s category visibility is reset to its parent's category visibility.
  • C. Customer Portal users and partner portal users inherit data category visibility settings of the role assigned to their account (owner) managers by default.
  • D. When a category is made visible to a user through custom settings or is made visible by default, its child and parent categories are not included.
  • E. Translated articles will not follow the master article data categor
  • F. Therefore, translated articles can beassigned to a different data category.

Answer: AB

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) recently went through a major rebranding effort that resulted in a new company logo along with new brand colors. UMS wants to update brand colors across all of its sites. The sites are built with Lightning templates.
Which tool should the Experience Cloud consultant recommend to make these changes?

  • A. ExperienceBundle
  • B. Experience Cloud Script Master
  • C. Site Builder
  • D. Lightning Builder

Answer: A

Bloomington Caregivers (BC) intends to launch a company-wide project to create personalized experiences for its providers, vendors installers, and patients. BC’s business processes and workflow flow industry standards and common practices, mostly driven by compliance and regulatory mandates.
What should BC closely into during the evaluation phase?

  • A. Lightning Bolt solutions
  • B. Community Connect
  • C. Digital Experience framework
  • D. SDLC (Software Developer Life Cycle) for Experiences

Answer: C

Northern Trail Qutfitters would like to display a different Hero component on the Home page for United States and EMEA.
How should an administrator accomplish this?

  • A. Create a page variation for EMEA, configure the Theme, and include a different Hero component.
  • B. Create a page variation for EMEA, configure the flexible page layout, and include a different Hero component.
  • C. Use the same page variation for EMEA and include multiple targeted HTML components.
  • D. Use the same page variation for EMEA, include multiple Hero components, and target each , component.

Answer: D

DreamHouse Reality (DR) is looking to enter the insurance business. After discussing with business advisor. DR has decided to use independent agents to manage claims.
Which two feature are available for DR to implement a solution involving insurance agent persona? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Financial Services Community permission set license
  • B. Insurance Agent Portal Lightning template
  • C. Financial Services Lightning template
  • D. Insurance agent permission set license

Answer: AB

Get Cloudy Consulting wants to leverage Metadata API for migrating changes between environments. What are the three key features of Metadata API?
Metadata API might require manual migration for changes that involve unsupported settings and features.

  • A. Metadata API is ideal when multiple work streams are involved.
  • B. Metadata API can be used programmatically as well as declaratively.
  • C. Metadata API is ideal for when the changes are complex.
  • D. Metadata API supports migrating all Communicates settings and features.

Answer: ABD

Insightopia is planning to create a high-performance site for its partners. The Home page will feature multiple custom component that will provide insights and trends along with near real-time updates.\Which template should Insightopia consider for its site?

  • A. Partner Central
  • B. Customer Account Portal
  • C. Build Your Own (LWR)
  • D. Help Center

Answer: C

The Salesforce Administrator at Ursa Major Solar is trying to create a partner user for their Partner Community that was built using Salesforce Experience Builder. However, the admin is not able to create it from the contact record.
What could be two reason causing this issue? Choose 2 answers

  • A. The Salesforce Administrator is not assigned a role in Salesforce.
  • B. The Salesforce Administrator is not a member of the Partner Community
  • C. The account record associated with the contact record is not enabled as a partner.
  • D. The Salesforce administrator is not marked as a delegated administrator on the partner account.

Answer: AC

A consultant is in the process of designing the sharing and visibility model for Cloud (CK) new hiking site built on experience Cloud. The consultant knows that CK plans to use the Customer Community License type.
What limitations should the consultant consider related to sharing and visibility for this license type?

  • A. All site users that require access to certain records for certain objects have the proper Sharing set.
  • B. Any site users that require access to specific records have the proper Sharing Rule.
  • C. All site users that require access to all records across all objects have the proper Sharing Set.
  • D. All site users have the appropriate role assigned.

Answer: C

What is a prerequisite for creating a user that has a Partner Community license?

  • A. Select ‘’Enable as Partner’’ in the Experience Workspace.
  • B. Ensure that the partner user has the ‘’ Enabled as partner’’ permission set.
  • C. The ‘’Enable as Partner’’ action must be present on the Account page layout.
  • D. The Enable as Partner’’ action must be present on the User page layout.

Answer: C

Universal Containers is planning to build a community where customers will be able to view Knowledge articles and chat live with a support agent.
What should the administrator use to configure the chat functionality?

  • A. Experience Builder and Chatter
  • B. Service Console and Service Channel
  • C. Chat Agent Guided Setup Flow and Service Console
  • D. Service Channel and Chatter

Answer: C

Ursa Major Solar is creating an employee experience portal.
Using audience targeting, how should the Experience designer set it up so that different pages in the portal appear to different departments and roles within those departments?

  • A. By using Location criteria and specifying which IP address applies to each department and domain
  • B. By using Profile criteria and selecting the Service profile
  • C. By using Domain criteria and creating custom domains for each department or role to access the portal
  • D. By using User criteria and selecting appropriate user fields on CRM objects

Answer: D


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