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Ursa Major Solar would like to make an external user an Experience Site Moderator.
What are two of the several moderation permissions available to assign an external user in order for them to be an effective Experience Site Moderator?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Access Experience Management
  • B. Access Sharing Sets
  • C. Manage Setup
  • D. Manage Experiences

Answer: AD

Universal Containers (UC) is building a new self-service site for its large global customer base. Customers will be posting questions, viewing Knowledge articles, downloading warranties, opening tickets, and registering their recent purchases. Purchases are stored in a custom object. UC has decided to use Customer Service template for the experience and Customer Community Plus license for the customers.
Which limitation could cause a potential issue for UC?

  • A. Customer Service template does not allow downloading documents out-of-the-box.
  • B. Customer Service template does not allow record pages for custom objects out-of-the-box.
  • C. Customer Community Plus license does not allow access to custom objects.
  • D. Customer Community Plus license allows only up to 2 million users per org.

Answer: D

A consultant is asked to set up a new experience using the Customer service template. The articles from an existing knowledge base must be exposed in the new site.
What are the two ways the consultant should associate the articles with topics? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Select the appropriate topics on the Knowledge tab within Lightning Experience.
  • B. Allow guest users to tag displayed articles with relevant topics on a public page.
  • C. Establish automatic topic assignment of topics to specified data categories within WorkSpaces.
  • D. Manually add one or more topics to each article within Workspaces.

Answer: CD

Universal Containers’ (UC) Salesforce org uses SAML 550 with a third-party identity provider for internal user authentication. UC now wants to extend this capability for Experience Cloud site users as well.
What should the UC administrator ensure in order to successfully implement SAML 550 for the Experience Cloud site?

  • A. Register the Experience Cloud site as an Identity Provider in SAML settings.
  • B. Create a Visualforce page that receives and validates the SAML assertion.
  • C. Use the site login URL as an endpoint where SAML assertion is made.
  • D. Create a Connected App with custom attributes before configuring SAML settings.

Answer: C

What are three goals Ursa Major Solar can accomplish with experience Cloud moderation functionality? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Allow members to remove other member from the Experience site if desired.
  • B. Track Flagging and moderation activity within the Experience site.
  • C. Allow members to flag posts comments files, and messages that are inappropriate or spam.
  • D. Designer specific users as moderators so that they can closely monitor the size.
  • E. Give members Audience Targeting permissions within the Experience site.

Answer: BCD

Northern Trail Qutfitters (NTO) would like to create a public Knowledge base for the general public to be able to view articles, manuals, and FAQs.
Which template should NTO select when building its site?

  • A. Partner Central
  • B. Help Center
  • C. Customer Account Portal
  • D. Customer Service

Answer: B

Cloud Kicks has packaged its Customer Support Community. The community includes navigation menu items that link to standard and custom objects.
Which two points should the Experience Cloud consultant consider when reviewing the package? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Custom list views for custom objects are not included as dependencies.
  • B. Custom list views for custom objects are included as dependencies.
  • C. Custom list views for standard objects are not included as dependencies.
  • D. Custom list views for standard objects are included as dependencies.

Answer: BC

Dreamscape Flowers (DF) has a community for its flower growers. DF now wants to create communities for its franchisee network as well as direct B2C customers as part of a company-wide digital transformation. Other subsidiaries of DF are also undergoing digital transformation and are interested in setting up similar communities based on DF's approach.
In what two ways can Lightning Bolt help DF accomplish this? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Lightning Bolts can be distributed and reused.
  • B. Lightning Bolts can help reduce implementation time.
  • C. Lightning Bolts can help minimize licensing and provisioning cost.
  • D. Lightning Bolts can help organize, manage, and reuse digital content.

Answer: BC

No Moré Homelessness (NMH) is about to create a public site for volunteers where they will be able to sign up for volunteering opportunities at local events. Each registration will result in a record being created for a custom Event Registration object.
Which three considerations should NMH keep in mind for records created by guest users? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Queues cannot be assigned as owners of records created by guest users.
  • B. When possible, one should create and assign queues as owners of records created by quest users.
  • C. Setting the default owner for records created by guests is an option in Experience Cloud sites.
  • D. Default owner does not need Read/Write access to view the records created by guest users.
  • E. Any active user in an org can be assigned as the default owner of records created by guest users.

Answer: BCE

The Salesforce Administrator at Universal Containers (UC) has set up topics. UC is going through a rebranding phase and wants to simplify topics but keep articles that have been assigned to the topics.
How should the Salesforce Administrator accomplish this?

  • A. Mark old topics as Inactive and assign articles to the new active topics.
  • B. Merge similar topics in Content Management.
  • C. Delete existing topics and assign articles to newly created topics.
  • D. Keep existing topics and reassign articles to newly created topics.

Answer: B

Get Cloud Consultant (GCC) is implementing a Salesforce- based solution for a global coffee brand. The coffee company works with agrp research and coffee growers from around the work. These researcher will submit their recommendation in the system which will go through an approval process before reaching coffee growers who will ultimately use those recommendation during cultivation.
The Design team estimates the need for at least 20 custom objects given that the coffee company plans to use Salesforce to also manage incentives. Compensations, distribution, and projections.
Which user license Should GCC recommend for the researchers?

  • A. Customer Community
  • B. External Apps
  • C. Partner Community Plus
  • D. Customer Community Plus

Answer: B

Which component inform support agents working in the Service Console what actions a customer has taken on an Experience site?

  • A. Experience Tracker
  • B. Customer Insights
  • C. Community View
  • D. Einstein Customer

Answer: B

Get Cloudy Consulting has decided to set up and create an Experience Cloud site where customers can create service tickets or chat live with agents.
What is the first step the system administrator should take to create the site?

  • A. Update organization-wide settings.
  • B. Enable Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • C. Enable Digital Experiences.
  • D. Configure the default login.

Answer: C

How can Sharing Sets be used to share records with Customer Community users?

  • A. Create one Sharing Set and add the objects to share in the Sharing Set.
  • B. Create one Sharing Set, select the ‘All Objects options for the Sharing Set, and add the Customer Community profiles to the Sharing Set.
  • C. Create one Sharing Set and use a Sharing Rule to share records with users in the Sharing Set.
  • D. Create one Set per object and add the Customer Community profiles to each Sharing Set.

Answer: A

hat are three best practices when configuring self-registration for an Experience Cloud site? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Assign a cloned standard site profile as the default for self-registration.
  • B. Use a restrictive default profile to begin with.
  • C. Create a separate profile for your self-service site and your partner portal.
  • D. Assign the standard site profile as the default for self-registration.
  • E. Use the same profile for your self-service site and your partner portal.

Answer: ABC

Northern Trail Qutfitters has a network of resellers who are Partner Community users. One of the resellers has requested that their parent company get View access to cases created by their child companies.
Which functionality will meet the requirement best?

  • A. Manually share cases.
  • B. Move users who need case access to a higher level in the Role Hierarchy.
  • C. Configure an External Account Hierarchy.
  • D. Create a Sharing Set for the Account.

Answer: C


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