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A customer has a management solution that provides RF-metrics for the wireless solution, but this information is not enough to identify the source of all connectivity issues.
The customer needs one management solution that will reduce helpdesk tickets and go beyond RF analysis. Which feature of Aruba management solutions should you emphasize to this customer?

  • A. AppRF
  • B. User and Entity Behavior Analytics
  • C. VisualRF
  • D. Connectivity Health

Answer: D

For which customer are HPE Office Connect OC20 APs the right solution?

  • A. a university that needs to provide home wireless services and VPN access for faculty
  • B. a medium business with 570 employees that needs a simple cloud-managed wireless solution
  • C. a small business with 46 employees and the need for simple plug-and-play Wi-Fi
  • D. a retailer that needs to support a large number of small branch sites

Answer: C

What is one key advantage of Aruba wireless solutions as compared to Cisco Meraki solutions?

  • A. Aruba offers cloud subscription-based licensing for all APs while Cisco Meraki requires a significant CAPEX expenditure.
  • B. Aruba offers beamforming in APs to improve wireless coverage while Cisco Meraki Aps does not support any such feature.
  • C. Aruba offers integration with an extensive ecosystem while Cisco Meraki offers little third-party integration.
  • D. Aruba offers one simple choice for management while Cisco Meraki has a confusing array of management options.

Answer: D

You are proposing an Aruba controller-based solution for a customer.
Which customer need indicates that you should propose Aruba Mobility Master as part of the solution?

  • A. the need to simplify the development of customer-facing mobile engagement apps
  • B. the need to manage wired and wireless devices from one interface
  • C. the need for machine-learning-based insights into network health and connectivity
  • D. the need for always-on wireless connectivity with no downtime

Answer: B

What is one advantage of the experience-driven approach to management?

  • A. It focuses on meeting business initiatives by improving performance, reliability, and secure network access.
  • B. It relies on on-prem management exclusively so customers can avoid the security vulnerabilities of cloud.
  • C. It relies on traditional tools that most IT admins are familiar with, such as the CLI, SNMP, and logs.
  • D. It focuses on break-fix tools, so that IT spends its time keeping the lights on.

Answer: A

What is a primary difference between Aruba 310 and Aruba 340 Series APs?

  • A. Aruba 340s support higher density deployments that Aruba 310s.
  • B. Aruba 340s support outdoor deployments, and Aruba 310s support indoor ones.
  • C. Aruba 340s support 802.11ac, and Aruba 310s support 802.11b/g/n only.
  • D. Aruba 340s support 802.11ax, and Aruba 310s support 802.11ac.

Answer: A

You want to begin qualifying a customer for Aruba IntroSpect. Which topic can you introduce to begin the conversation?

  • A. how much insight IT staff have into the root causes behind performance issues
  • B. whether the customer uses SEIM and is overwhelmed with alerts
  • C. whether the customer has detected rogue Aps in the environment
  • D. how the customer would like to define access policies for wireless users

Answer: A

Your customer is considering Aruba ClearPass for policy management, but suggests Microsoft’s Active Directory is enough of an access control system to protect the enterprise network.
How should you counter this objection?

  • A. Active Directory authenticates users, but true network access control must define who and which devices can connect to which devices, data, infrastructure, and apps, as ClearPass does.
  • B. While Active Directory can define access controls for users based on factors such as identity and type of connection, it does not provide machine learning to track user behavior, as ClearPass does.
  • C. Microsoft’s Active Directory has been proven by multiple security analysts to be easily hackable, so it requires ClearPass’s more secure credential repository to enhance it.
  • D. Active Directory alone is not enough, but when it is integrated with the role-based access firewall, the combined solution functions as a mobile device management solution.

Answer: A

You are meeting a new customer and think they might benefit from an Aruba mobile engagement strategy. What is one question you can ask to help qualify the customer?

  • A. “How many of your employees are working remotely on a regular basis?”
  • B. “Do you think your employees would be happier if they didn’t have to engage directly with customers?”
  • C. “How could a mobile app help you find innovate ways to increase customer satisfaction scores?”
  • D. “How much money are you willing to dedicate to transforming your mobile platform?”

Answer: C

A customer currently has Cisco networking equipment, but you have made progress in convincing the customer that an Aruba solution will better suit their needs for their upgrade. However, the customer still has some reservations about changing vendors and plans to migrate gradually.
What is one selling point of Aruba solutions for this customer?

  • A. Aruba AirWave is multi-vendor, so it can manage both legacy Cisco products and Aruba products together.
  • B. An Aruba Mobility Master (MM) can discover and monitor third-party products such as the legacy Cisco products.
  • C. Aruba controllers support dynamic segmentation, which enables them to integrate with switches such as Cisco switches.
  • D. Aruba Foundation Care offers financial services to make it more economically feasible for the customer to migrate to Aruba.

Answer: A

What is one feature that distinguishes the Aruba switching portfolio from top competitors?

  • A. Aruba switches have the largest market share of any wired network vendor.
  • B. Aruba switches have the best warranty and no hidden costs for software licensing.
  • C. Aruba switches support better segmentation between the wired and wireless network.
  • D. Aruba switches support on-prem management rather than higher cost cloud-based management.

Answer: B

A mid-sized customer is having trouble deciding between in a controllerless Aruba solution and a controller-based one. What can you explain to the customer about how Aruba protects the company’s investment?

  • A. The same Aruba APs can be deployed in controllerless Instant mode and then later changed to controlled mode.
  • B. Aruba offers a buy-back program for controllerless Instant APs, making it cost effective to later deploy controlled APs.
  • C. There is no difference in features and capabilities between a controllerless and controller-based Aruba solution.
  • D. Aruba uses a cloud subscription-based licensing model for controllerless APs, and these licenses can be upgraded to controller licenses.

Answer: B

You are proposing an Aruba wired and wireless solution to a customer. After a discussion about Aruba ClearPass and IntroSpect, a member of the security team asks about security measures that go beyond software solutions.
What is one advantage of Aruba Secure Infrastructure that you should emphasize to this technical influencer?

  • A. Silicon root of trust creates a digital fingerprint in the silicon of ArubaOS switches to ensure they will never boot with compromised hardware.
  • B. Connectivity Health collects and compiles information about switch configuration, protocol, and system state and uses machine learning to compare this information to baseline figures.
  • C. An Aruba infrastructure reduces the likelihood traffic can be intercepted with centralized encryption and deep packet inspection.
  • D. Aruba controlled APs maintain a distributed policy engine that defines who and what devices can connect to which data, infrastructure, and applications.

Answer: C

What is a benefit that Aruba Mobility Master (MM) and an ArubaOS architecture bring to network management?

  • A. MM provides a centralized licensing repository and a single interface for configuring controllers.
  • B. MM offers a single management interface for configuring wireless devices and onboarding user wireless devices.
  • C. Customers can obtain a flexible, cloud-based option for managing their controllers centrally.
  • D. Admins can manage ArubaOS switches and ArubaOS controllers from the same management interface.

Answer: D

What are two of the most important values that IT executives consider when making purchasing decisions (Select two.)

  • A. They want to shift away from cloud solutions.
  • B. They want to efficiency to do more with fewer resources.
  • C. They want to segregate core functions in the data center so they can manage silos more efficiently.
  • D. They want trust in the network, knowing that it will ensure productivity and security.
  • E. They want to move to a CAPEX model to increase line-of-business budgets.

Answer: BD

Which statement indicates that a customer could be a good fit for an Aruba location-based solution?

  • A. “Our apps are a big part of our businesses, but our production rate is starting to slow down as we hire new developers that just are not familiar with our development tools.”
  • B. “We are a large business with lots of remote office
  • C. We need to ensure all the network services that we provide in our main campus are available in these other locations as well.”
  • D. “We have many different branch sites, and we need an easier way to apply consistent and appropriate security policies to employees and users at every location across our network.”
  • E. “We often launch marketing campaigns in different areas of our stores, but we don’t have a way to determine how successful these promotions are and if they draw in customers.”

Answer: D

You are selling an Aruba wireless solution to a healthcare organization. The customer now mentions these additional pain points:
HPE2-W02 dumps exhibit Nurses and other staff are wasting time searching for equipment.
HPE2-W02 dumps exhibit Staff doesn’t know when wheelchairs are left in other departments.
Based on these specific pain points, what additional solution should you recommend?

  • A. Aruba Central
  • B. Aruba Meridian and beacons
  • C. Aruba asset tracking tags
  • D. Aruba Analytics Location Engine (ALE)

Answer: C

A large entertainment venue needs a location-based solution to enhance the guest experience, and you have recommended Aruba Meridian and beacons. What is one benefit of Meridian that you should emphasize?

  • A. It integrates with Aruba ClearPass to track users’ location and log suspicious activity, this improves the security of the venue and protects the customer’s assets.
  • B. It provides proactive testing of the performance of the guest user network, which ensures that guests have a good experience and are satisfied.
  • C. It has built-in Bluetooth-based analytics, which give the customer more insight into how guests are using the space and interacting with the venue’s mobile app.
  • D. It delivers wayfinding services based on GP
  • E. Because GPS is the best option for large indoor environments, guests have a better experience.

Answer: C

You have proposed Aruba 8400 switches as core switches for a customer. The customer is very concerned about the network always being on and has indicated that no maintenance window is permitted even for a core switch software upgrade. What feature of this switch should you explain?

  • A. Backplane stacking
  • B. Network Analytics Engine (NAE)
  • C. Virtual Switching Extension (VSX)
  • D. ArubaOS-CX Python-based APIs

Answer: C

What is one reason you should recommend the Aruba 2930F rather than the Aruba 2540 at the access layer?

  • A. The customer needs static routing at the access layer, and the Aruba 2540 does not support any routing.
  • B. The customer needs Power over Ethernet (PoE+), and the Aruba 2540 does not support this feature.
  • C. The customer wants Smart Rate Ports, and the Aruba 2930F offers this feature.
  • D. The customer prioritizes scalability, and the Aruba 2930F supports Virtual Switching Framework(VSF).

Answer: D


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