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2021 Jun jn0-102 exam:

Q91. What are three benefits of class of service? (Choose three.) 

A. It can make a slow network faster. 

B. It can prioritize latency-sensitive traffic. 

C. It can eliminate congestion. 

D. It can control congestion. 

E. It can allocate bandwidth for different classes of traffic. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q92. Which command would you use to view interface usage details in real time? 

A. show interfaces terse 

B. show interfaces extensive 

C. monitor interface traffic 

D. monitor traffic interface 

Answer: C 

Q93. You have received a default route through BGP from your ISP and you want to redistribute it into OSPF. 

Which method will accomplish this? 

A. Apply an export policy to OSPF that exports the default route. 

B. Apply an import policy to OSPF that imports the default route. 

C. Apply the default-network command to OSPF. 

D. Apply the redistribute-igp command to BGP. 

Answer: A 

Q94. Which login class permission will allow a user to use the telnet utility? 

A. network permission 

B. maintenance permission 

C. supervisor permission 

D. shell permission 

Answer: A 

Q95. You have a network containing 120 routers. You must establish and maintain connectivity between the loopback interfaces of all routers. Because of the critical services using the network, you need redundancy and fast failover. 

Which routing protocol should you use in this scenario? 




D. static 

Answer: A 

JN0-102 practice exam

Renew juniper jncia jn0-102:

Q96. Which command displays the egress interfaces selected on the PFE for destination prefixes? 

A. show route forwarding-table 

B. show route table 

C. show route table extensive 

D. show pfefwdd 

Answer: A 

Q97. You want to log in to the router and make a configuration change. 

After logging in as the root user, what is the next command you must enter? 

A. enable 

B. configure 

C. edit 

D. cli 

Answer: D 

Q98. What are two benefits of the modular design of the Junos OS? (Choose two.) 

A. Each module uses application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). 

B. Each module runs in its own protected memory space. 

C. Each module can be individually restarted. 

D. Each module is supported across all Junos platforms. 

Answer: B,C 

Q99. -- Exhibit --[edit routing-options] 

user@router# show 

static { 

defaults { 

metric 10; 

preference 10; 

route { 



preference 6; 

metric 8; 

-- Exhibit --

Given the configuration shown in the exhibit, which statement is correct about traffic matching the route 

A. It will be forwarded to using a metric of 10. 

B. It will be forwarded to using a metric of 8. 

C. It will be forwarded to using a metric of 8. 

D. It will be forwarded to using a metric of 10. 

Answer: C 

Q100. Which statement describes the PFE? 

A. The PFE controls the RE by providing Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding tables. 

B. The PFE implements advanced services such as policing, stateless firewall filtering, and class of service. 

C. The PFE sends traffic to the RE for systematic packet forwarding. 

D. The PFE receives hardware and environmental status messages from the RE. 

Answer: B 

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