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2021 Sep mb2-700 examcollection:

Q1. When you qualify a lead, which two records will also be created?(Choose TWO)

A. Account

B. Contract

C. Campaign Response

D. Opportunity

E. Contact

Answer: AD

Q2. Which benefit does service scheduling NOT provide?

A. A predictable workload for employees

B. Reliable time estimates for customers

C. A designated service manager

D. Firm appointments

Answer: C

Q3. You receive an email message from a prospect. The prospect expresses interest in your company’s products and services.

You need to convert the email message to a Lead.

In Microsoft Outlook, which action should you take first?

A. Click the Convert To button and then select Lead.

B. Click the Set Regarding button.

C. Click the Track button.

D. Click ALT+C.

Answer: C

Q4. You are adding resources to a resource group. Which three resource types can you add? (Choose Three)

A. facility

B. business unit

C. resource group

D. name

E. users

Answer: ACE

Q5. Which records are included in the Sales Pipeline report by default?

A. Leads with a status of Open

B. Leads with a status of Closed

C. Opportunities with a status of Closed

D. Opportunities with a status of Open

Answer: D

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Q6. You need to ensure that the value for the Est. Revenue field is automatically calculated.

Which three actions should you take? Each answer presents part of the solution.(Choose Three)

A. Provide a price list.

B. Add at least one existing or write-in product for the opportunity product

C. Set the value of the Revenue field to User Provided.

D. Set the value of the Revenue field to System Calculated.

E. Remove any write-in opportunity products.

Answer: ABD

Q7. When can you resolve, cancel, or delete a case that has activities associated with it?

A. You can resolve cases when all activities associated to the case are completed. You can cancel or delete cases at any time.

B. You can resolve or cancel cases only when the associated activities are closed. You can delete cases at any time.

C. You can resolve, cancel, or delete cases at any time.

D. You can resolve, cancel, or delete cases only when all activities associated with the case are completed.

Answer: B

Q8. Which two sales entity records can you create by using a Quick Create form?(Choose TWO)

A. Leads

B. Opportunities

C. Quotes

D. Invoices

E. Orders

Answer: AB

Q9. Which two statements about queues are true?(Choose TWO)

A. Queues allow users to remove themselves from responsibility for an item by using the Remove button.

B. Queues allow users to process items that they do not own.

C. You can delete a queue item without deleting the record for which the queue item was created.

D. Queues allow users to see multiple record types that require action in one list.

Answer: BC

Q10. Which list shows a correct contract life cycle?

A. 1. Draft

2. Active

3. Invoiced

4. On Hold

5. Expired

B. 1. Draft

2. Invoiced

3. Active

4. On Hold

5. Active

6. Expired

C. 1. Draft

2. Invoiced

3. Active

4. On Hold

5. Canceled

D. 1. Invoiced

2. Draft

3. Active

4. On Hold

5. Active

6. Canceled

Answer: B

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