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2021 Nov OG0-023 braindumps

Q31. Which of the following best describes the relationship between the four objects in Group A? 

A. The objects share information 

B. The objects are collaborating on a key initiative 

C. The objects were instantiated at the same time 

D. The objects belong together based on some common characteristic 


Q32. At Archisurance, risk assessment is part of an activity used to determine the adequacy of the company’s financial reserves  against future  claims and fluctuations in the value of its investments. 

Which ArchiMate relationship should be used to express the forwarding of risk assessment findings for the reserve evaluation process? 

A. Access 

B. Assignment 

C. Association 

D. Flow 


Q33. The following diagram shows an example of the use of the Migration viewpoint: 

Which of the following best describes a reason for using this viewpoint? 

A. To model the management of architecture change 

B. To help determine the priorities of implementation projects 

C. To relate programs and projects to the parts of the architecture that they implement 

D. To help in planning the transition from the current architecture to a desired future architecture 


Q34. At ArchiSurance, the Take in Claim process creates a Claim business object, while the remaining processes in the sequence below refer to and update the Claim business object. 

Which structural relationship could replace the association relationships in the diagram to more precisely describe how ArchiSurance Claim processes interact with the Claim business object? 

A. Used By 

B. Flow 

C. Assignment 

D. Access 


Q35. Consider the following diagram: 

Which answer most accurately interprets what the diagram indicates about the goal “Reduce Expense Ratio from 13% to 11% in 2012”? 

A. The goal is decomposed into three other goals 

B. The goal is similar to the three other goals 

C. The goal must be achieved before any of the other three goals is achieved 

D. The goal will be achieved if at least one of the other three goals is achieved in 2012 


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Q36. The Project viewpoint is primarily used to model the management of architecture change. Which one of the following cannot be shown in a Project view? 

A. Resourcing of projects 

B. The main differences between the baseline and the target architecture 

C. The motivation for projects 

D. The results produced by different projects 


Q37. What Implementation & Migration Extension concept is used to model the outcome of an analysis of the differences between two architectural states? 

A. Transition 

B. Gap 

C. Work Package 

D. Deliverable 


Q38. Consider the following diagram: 

What is the strongest structural relationship that can be derived from business role Actuary to business interaction Close contract (indicated by number 1 in the diagram)? 

A. Assignment 

B. Aggregation 

C. Realization 

D. Used by 


Q39. Which diagram depicts a “Policy application” as an application component with the two application functions “Offering” and “Calculating”? 

A. Diagram 1 

B. Diagram 2 

C. Diagram 3 

D. Diagram 4 


Q40. Which ArchiMate viewpoint is most suitable to show the realization of constrains by core elements? 

A. Requirements Realization viewpoint 

B. Implementation & Deployment viewpoint 

C. Goal Realization viewpoint 

D. Motivation viewpoint 


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