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2021 Aug pcnse6 certification in case:

Q71. Taking into account only the information in the screenshot above, answer the following question. In order for ping traffic to traverse this device from e1/2 to e1/1, what else needs to be configured? Select all that apply. 

A. Security policy from trust zone to Internet zone that allows ping 

B. Create the appropriate routes in the default virtual router 

C. Security policy from Internet zone to trust zone that allows ping 

D. Create a Management profile that allows ping. Assign that management profile to e1/1 and e1/2 

Answer: A,D 

Q72. What are the three Security Policy rule Type classifications supported in PAN-OS 6.1? 

A. Security, NAT, Policy-Based Forwarding 

B. Intrazone, Interzone, Global 

C. Intrazone, Interzone, Universal 

D. Application, User, Content 

Answer: C 


Reference: page 18-19 

Q73. In the following display, ethernetl/6 is configured with an interface management profile that allows ping with no restriction on the source address: 

Given the following security policy rule base: 

What is the result of a ping sent from an address on the Trust-L3 zone to the IP address of ethernet1/6? 

A. The firewall will send an ICMP redirect message to the client. 

B. The client will receive an ICMP "destination unreachable" packet. 

C. The interface will respond. 

D. The traffic will be dropped by the firewall. 

Answer: D 

Q74. For non-Microsoft clients, what Captive Portal method is supported? 

A. NTLM Auth 

B. User Agent 

C. Local Database 

D. Web Form Captive Portal 

Answer: D 

Q75. The following can be configured as a next hop in a Static Route: 

A. A Policy-Based Forwarding Rule 

B. Virtual System 

C. A Dynamic Routing Protocol 

D. Virtual Router 

Answer: D 

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Improved pcnse6 certification of trust:

Q76. Which of the following types of protection are available in DoS policy? 

A. Session Limit, SYN Flood, UDP Flood 

B. Session Limit, Port Scanning, Host Swapping, UDP Flood 

C. Session Limit, SYN Flood, Host Swapping, UDP Flood 

D. Session Limit, SYN Flood, Port Scanning, Host Swapping 

Answer: A 

Q77. What built-in administrator role allows all rights except for the creation of administrative accounts and virtual systems? 

A. superuser 

B. vsysadmin 

C. A custom role is required for this level of access 

D. deviceadmin 

Answer: D 

Q78. Taking into account only the information in the screenshot above, answer the following question. Which applications will be allowed on their standard ports? (Select all correct answers.) 

A. BitTorrent 

B. Gnutella 

C. Skype 


Answer: A,D 

Q79. What are the benefits gained when the "Enable Passive DNS Monitoring" checkbox is chosen on the firewall? (Select all correct answers.) 

A. Improved DNSbased C&C signatures. 

B. Improved PANDB malware detection. 

C. Improved BrightCloud malware detection. 

D. Improved malware detection in WildFire. 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q80. Which mechanism is used to trigger a High Availability (HA) failover if a firewall interface goes down? 

A. Link Monitoring 

B. Heartbeat Polling 

C. Preemption 

D. SNMP Polling 

Answer: A 


Reference: page 130 

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