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2021 Jan PW0-071 dumps

Q31. - (Topic 4) 

What statement accurately describes an advantage of manual RF site surveys over predictive site surveys? 

A. Manual site surveys are useful for locating and identifying sources of RF interference, while predictive site surveys are not capable of this task. 

B. Manual site surveys are more efficient than predictive site surveys in large facilities because GPS mapping can be used. 

C. Manual site surveys are more accurate than predictive site surveys because they take advantage of complex computer simulations. 

D. Manual site surveys allow the site surveyor to create a static RF environment, whereas predictive site surveys are subject to changes in the RF environment. 


Q32. - (Topic 4) 

Which scenario represents an improper installation for an AP with low-gain omnidirectional antennas? 

A. Placed above the doorway, at one end of a long hallway 

B. Placed on the ceiling, near the center of a meeting room 

C. Mounted near the middle of a small branch office 

D. Placed on a centrally-located desk in a small office 


Q33. - (Topic 3) 

What two factors are used to calculate the wavelength of an RF wave? (Choose 2) 

A. Frequency 

B. Speed of light 

C. Amplitude 

D. Phase 

Answer: A,B 

Q34. - (Topic 2) 

How do Wi-Fi routers differ from Wi-Fi access points? 

A. Wi-Fi routers are comprised of both a router and an access point within the same hardware. 

B. Wi-Fi routers allow wireless users to connect to a wired network, but Wi-Fi access points do not. 

C. Wi-Fi routers offer advanced security options, but Wi-Fi access points are only capable of basic security. 

D. Wi-Fi routers allow wireless users to talk to other wireless users, but Wi-Fi access points do not. 


Q35. - (Topic 1) 

What layer of the OSI reference model is responsible for data framing for a given physical layer technology? 

A. Transport 

B. Network 

C. Data Link 

D. Session 

E. Presentation 

F. Application 


Up to the minute PW0-071 exam answers:

Q36. - (Topic 4) 

In preparation for site surveys, your company is creating a questionnaire that will help you understand your customer's client connectivity requirements. What question is NOT appropriate for your company's pre-survey questionnaire? 

A. What applications will be used by Wi-Fi client devices on the wireless network? 

B. How will Power over Ethernet (PoE) be supplied to Wi-Fi client devices? 

C. How many concurrent Wi-Fi client connections are expected on the wireless network? 

D. What types of Wi-Fi client devices will be connected to the wireless network? 

E. What 802.11 physical technology (PHY) will be used by the Wi-Fi client devices? 


Q37. - (Topic 5) 

After your city implemented a municipal Wi-Fi network using 802.11g on channels 1, 6, and 11 near your office, your users have been complaining about poor performance on their 802.11b VoWiFi phones. The best solution for optimizing your 802.11a/g network to support VoWiFi in this scenario is to _____________. 

A. Configure your VoWiFi phones for unused 2.4 GHz channels. 

B. Buy new phones that support WPA2-Personal security. 

C. Upgrade your VoWiFi phones to 802.11g. 

D. Buy new 5 GHz capable VoWiFi phones. 


Q38. - (Topic 4) 

Given: You are performing a site survey using software that simulates RF behavior in a defined environment. It uses a floor plan and materials information for its calculations. 

What kind of site survey is performed using this method? 

A. Manual 

B. Active 

C. Predictive 

D. Passive 


Q39. - (Topic 5) 

What symptom would indicate the presence of a hidden node in a Wi-Fi network? 

A. An increase in encrypted packets 

B. An increase in antenna diversity 

C. An increase in signal leakage 

D. An increase in retransmissions 


Q40. - (Topic 6) 

After successfully connecting to the Wi-Fi network in your hotel room, you launch a web browser on your laptop. Instead of opening your homepage, it directs you to a hotel-branded page that asks for your name, room number, and a secret key. What has most likely happened? 

A. You are the victim of a phishing attack, should not provide the information, and should call the front desk for help. 

B. Every room in the hotel has its own access point, and entering the room number and key confirms connectivity to the correct AP. 

C. The access point is out of connections and you must enter your room number and code to be added to the hotel's Access Request Queue (ARQ) to obtain the next available connection. 

D. The hotel is using a captive portal to provide guest connectivity while keeping non-guest users off the wireless network. 


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