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Q71. Which command line creates an SSH tunnel for POP and SMTP protocols? 

A. ssh- L :110 -L :25 -1 user -N mailhost 

B. ssh -L 25:110 -1 user -N mailhost 

C. ssh -L mailhost:110 -L mailhost:25 -1 user -N mailhost 

D. ssh -L mailhost:25:110 -1 user 

E. ssh -L 110:mailhost:110 -L 25:mailhost:25 -1 user -N mailhost 


Q72. Journalling doesn't appear to be working on an ext3 file-system. When booting, the following line appears: 

VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly. 

What could be causing the problem? 

A. An old version of e2fsprogs is installed. 

B. The kernel does not contain ext3 support. 

C. The file-system is specified as ext2 in /etc/fstab. 

D. The system was not shut down cleanly. 


Q73. Which TWO of the following commands could be used to add a second IP address to eth0? 

A. ifconfig eth0 - add ip 

B. ifconfig eth0:1 

C. ifconfig eth0 1 

D. ifconfig eth0 + 

E. ifconfig eth0:sub1 

Answer: BE 

Q74. A DNS server has the IP address Which TWO of the following need to be done on a client machine to use this DNS server? 

A. Add nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf. 

B. Run route add nameserver 

C. Run ifconfig eth0 nameserver 

D. Ensure that the dns service is listed in the hosts entry in the /etc/nsswitch.conf file. 

E. Run bind add nameserver 

Answer: AD 

Q75. DNSSEC is used for? 

A. Encrypted DNS queries between nameservers. 

B. Cryptographic authentication of DNS zones. 

C. Secondary DNS queries for local zones. 

D. Defining a secure DNS section. 

E. Querying a secure DNS section. 

Answer: B

Up to the minute 117-202 free exam questions:

Q76. Connecting to a remote host on the same LAN using ssh public-key authentication works but forwarding X11 doesn't. The remote host allows access to both services. Which of the following can be the reason for that behaviour? 

A. The remote user's ssh_config file disallows X11 forwarding 

B. The remote server's sshd_config file disallows X11 forwarding 

C. A different public key has to be used for X11 

D. X11 cannot be forwarded if public-key authentication was used 

E. X11 though SSH needs a special X11 server application installed 


Q77. A correctly-formatted entry has been added to /etc/hosts.allow to allow certain clients to connect to a service, but this is having no effect. What would be the cause of this? 

A. tcpd needs to be sent the HUP signal. 

B. The service needs to be restarted. 

C. The machine needs to be restarted. 

D. There is a conflicting entry in /etc/hosts.deny . 

E. The service does not support tcpwrappers 


Q78. In the file /var/squid/url_blacklist is a list of URLs that users should not be allowed to access. What is the correct entry in Squid's configuration file to create an acl named blacklist based on this file? 

A. acl blacklist urlpath_regex /var/squid/url_blacklist 

B. acl blacklist file /var/squid/url_blacklist 

C. acl blacklist "/var/squid/url_blacklist" 

D. acl blacklist urlpath_regex "/var/squid/url_blacklist" 

E. acl urlpath_regex blacklist /var/squid/url_blacklist 


Q79. What is the missing keyword in the following configuration sample for dovecot which defines which authentication types to support? (Specify only the keywork) auth default { ______ = plain login cram-md5 } 

A. auth_order 

B. mechanisms 

C. methods 

D. supported 


Q80. An SSH server is configured to use tcp_wrappers and only hosts from the class C network should be allowed to access it. Which of the following lines would achieve this, when entered in/etc/hosts.allow? 

A. ALLOW: : sshd 

B. sshd : : ALLOW 

C. : ALLOW: sshd 

D. tcpd: sshd : : ALLOW 

E. sshd : ALLOW: 


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