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Q81. What could be a reason for invoking vsftpd from (x) inetd? 

A. It's not a good idea, because (x) inetd is not secure 

B. Running vsftpd in standalone mode is only possible as root, which could be a security risk 

C. vsftpd cannot be started in standalone mode 

D. (x) inetd has more access control capabilities 

E. (x) inetd is needed to run vsftpd in a chroot jail 


Q82. Which TWO of the following statements about the tcp_wrappers configuration files are correct? 

A. Both files must be edited, to get tcp_wrappers to work properly 

B. It is possible to configure tcp_wrappers using just one file 

C. (x) inetd requires these files 

D. All programs that provide network services use these files to control access 

E. tcpd uses these files to control access to network services 

Answer: BE 

Q83. Which of the following organisations track and report on security related flaws in computer technology? (Please select TWO answers) 

A. Bugtraq 



D. Freshmeat 


Answer: AC 

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Q84. Which option is used to configure pppd to use up to two DNS server addresses provided by the remote server? 

A. ms-dns 

B. nameserver 

C. usepeerdns 

D. dns 

E. None of the above 


Q85. What command must be used to print the kernel's routing table? 

A. route print 

B. route enumerate 

C. route show 

D. route list 

E. route 


Q86. The following data is some of the output produced by a program. Which program produced this output? 

strftime (" Thu", 1024, "%a", 0xb7f64380) =4 fwrite ("Thu", 3, 1, 0xb7f614e0) =1 fputc (' ', 0xb7f614e0) =32 strftime (" Feb", 1024, " %b", 0xb7f64380) =4 fwrite ("Feb", 3, 1, 0xb7f614e0) =1 fputc (' ', 0xb7f614e0) =32 fwrite ("19", 2, 1, 0xb7f614e0) =1 

A. lsof 

B. 1trace 

C. nm 

D. strace 

E. time 


Q87. What of the following is NOT a valid ACL type, when configuring squid? 

A. src 

B. source 

C. dstdomain 

D. url_regex 

E. time 


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