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Q61. Which Apache directive allows the use of external configuration files defined by the directive 


A. AllowExternalConfig 

B. AllowAccessFile 

C. AllowConfig 

D. IncludeAccessFile 

E. AllowOverride 



Please enter the complete command to create a new password file for HTTP basic authentication (/home/http/data/web _passwd) for user john. 


Q63. What is the correct format for an ftpusers file entry? 

A. Use only one username on each line. 

B. Add a colon after each username. 

C. Add a semicolon after each username. 

D. Add ALLOW after each username. 

E. Add DENY after each username. 


Q64. The following is an excerpt from the output of tcpdump -nli eth1 'udp': 13:03:17.277327 IP > 43653+ A? (25) 13:03:17.598624 IP > 43653 1/0/0 A (41) Which network service or protocol was used? 







Q65. The mailserver is currently called fred, while the primary MX record points to What must be done to direct email towards fred? 

A. Add an A record for mailhost to fred's IP address. 

B. Add a CNAME record from mailhost to fred 

C. Add another MX record pointing to fred's IP address. 

D. Add a PTR record from mailhost to fred. 


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Q66. What is a significant difference between host and zone keys generated by dnssec-keygen? 

A. There is no difference. 

B. Both zone key files ( .key/.private ) contain a public and private key. 

C. Both host keys files ( .key/. private) contain a public and private key. 

D. Host Keys must always be generated if DNSSEC is used; zone keys are optional 

E. Zone Keys must always be generated if is used; host keys are optional 

Answer: B

Q67. An SSH port-forwarded connection to the web server was invoked using the command ssh -TL 80 Which TWO of the following are correct? 

A. The client can connect to the web server by typing into the browser's address bar and the connection will be encrypted 

B. The client can connect to by typing http://localhost/ into the browser's address bar andthe connection will be encrypted 

C. The client can't connect to the web server by typing into the browser's addressbar. This is only possible using http://localhost/ 

D. It is only possible to port-forward connections to insecure services that provide an interactive shell (liketelnet) 

E. The client can connect to the web server by typing into the browser's address barand the connection will not be encrypted 

Answer: BE 

Q68. During which stage of the boot process would this message be seen? 


A. Boot loader start and hand off to kernel 

B. Kernel loading 

C. Hardware initialization and setup 

D. Daemon initialization and setup 


Q69. Which of the following recipes will append emails from "root" to the "rootmails" mailbox? 

A. :0c: rootmails 






 ^From.*root rootmails 




 ^From=root rootmails 




 ^From=*root rootmails 

E. :0c: $From=$root rootmails 


Q70. Which TWO of the following options are valid, in the /etc/exports file? 

A. rw 

B. ro 

C. rootsquash 

D. norootsquash 

E. uid 

Answer: AB 

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