156-115.77 lab(41 to 50) for IT examinee: Dec 2021 Edition

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2021 Dec 156-115.77 testing engine

Q41. - (Topic 8) 

Why would you not see a CoreXL configuration option in cpconfig? 

A. The gateway only has one processor core. 

B. CoreXL is not enabled in the gateway object. 

C. CoreXL is not licensed. 

D. CoreXL is disabled via policy. 


Q42. - (Topic 5) 

When are rules that include Identity Awareness Access (IDA) roles accelerated through SecureXL? 

A. Only when ‘Unauthenticated Guests’ is included in the access role. 

B. Never, the inclusion of an IDA role disables SecureXL. 

C. The inclusion of an IDA role has no bearing on whether the connection for the rule is accelerated. 

D. Always, the inclusion of an IDA role guarantees the connection for the rule is accelerated. 


Q43. - (Topic 5) 

What command should a firewall administrator use to begin debugging SecureXL? 

A. fwaccel dbg api + verbose add 

B. fwaccel debug –m <module name> <flag> 

C. fwaccel dbg -m <module name> <flag> 

D. SecureXL cannot be dubugged and the kernel debug will give enough output to help the firewall administrator to understand the firewalls behaviour. The right command to use is fw ctl debug –m fw. 


Q44. - (Topic 9) 

When performing a Clean IPS procedure to resolve a corrupt IPS files issue, what file is modified in order for the SDUU process to automatically update the IPS files after completing the procedure? 

A. asm.C 

B. inspect.C 

C. objects_5_0.C 

D. profiles.C 


Q45. - (Topic 3) 

What mechanism solves asymmetric routing issues in a load sharing cluster? 

A. Flush and ACK 

B. Stateful Inspection 

C. SYN Defender 

D. State Synchronization 


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Q46. - (Topic 3) 

What are the kernel parameters that control “Magic MACs”? 

A. fwha_magic_mac and fw_forward_magic_mac 

B. fwha_mac_magic and fw_mac_forward_magic 

C. cpha_mac_magic and cp_mac_forward_magic 

D. cpha_magic_mac and cpha_mac_forward_magic 


Q47. - (Topic 11) 

How does the “Directional Enforcement” rule manage subsequent packet inspection? 

A. “Directional Enforcement” is only applied to the first packet of the connection, including packets in the opposite direction. 

B. “Directional Enforcement” is applied to all packets in the connection. 

C. “Directional Enforcement” applies only to the first packet of the connection, but does not include the packets in the opposite direction. 

D. “Directional Enforcement” is considered trusted traffic and therefore is not inspected. 


Q48. - (Topic 5) 

According to this Rule Base, templates will be created until which rule? 

A. Rule 4 

B. Rule 2 

C. Rule 3 

D. Rule 5 


Q49. - (Topic 7) 

How would you determine the value of 'Maximum concurrent connections' of the NAT Table? 

A. fwx_alloc 

B. fwx_max_conns 

C. fwx_auth 

D. objects_5_0.C 


Q50. - (Topic 11) 

What type(s) of VTI interfaces do Edge gateways support? 

A. Both numbered and unnumbered 

B. Unnumbered interfaces 

C. Numbered interfaces 

D. Neither numbered and unnumbered 


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