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2021 Dec 156-315.77 exam question

Q111. - (Topic 2) 

The process that performs the authentication for legacy session authentication is: 

A. cvpnd 

B. fwm 

C. vpnd 

D. fwssd 


Q112. - (Topic 4) 

Your organization has many VPN-1 Edge gateways at various branch offices, to allow VPN-1 Secure Client users to access company resources. For security reasons, your organization's Security Policy requires all Internet traffic initiated behind the VPN-1 Edge gateways first be inspected by your headquarters' VPN-1 Pro Security Gateway. How do you configure VPN routing in this star VPN Community? 

A. To the Internet and other targets only 

B. To the center and other satellites, through the center 

C. To the center only 

D. To the center; or through the center to other satellites, then to the Internet and other VPN targets 


Q113. - (Topic 7) 

You find that Gateway fw2 can NOT be added to the cluster object. 

What are possible reasons for that? 

A. 2 or 3 

B. 1 or 2 

C. 1 or 3 

D. All 


Q114. - (Topic 7) 

Can the smallest appliance handle all Blades simultaneously? 

A. Depends on the number of protected clients and throughput. 

B. Depends on number of concurrent sessions. 

C. Firewall throughput is the only relevant factor. 

D. It depends on required SPU for customer environment. 


Q115. - (Topic 7) 

In a particular IPS protection in R76in the Logging Settings, what does the Capture Packets option do? 

A. This is not a valid selection in R76 

B. Attaches a packet capture of the traffic that matches this particular protection to each log that the protection generates. 

C. Starts a packet capture at the time of policy install to capture all of the traffic until this protection is hit. 

D. Collects all of the logs for packets that have matched this protection within the last 30 days 


Up to the immediate present 156-315.77 actual exam:

Q116. - (Topic 4) 

How does ClusterXL Unicast mode handle new traffic? 

A. All members receive all packets. The Security Management Server decides which member will process the packets. Other members delete the packets from memory. 

B. The pivot machine receives and inspects all new packets then synchronizes the connections with other members 

C. The pivot machine receives all the packets and runs an algorithm to determine which member should process the packets 

D. All cluster members’ process all packets and members synchronize with each other. The pivot is responsible for the master sync catalog 


Q117. - (Topic 1) 

Where do you define NAT properties so that NAT is performed either client side or server side? 

A. InSmart Dashboardunder Gateway setting 

B. InSmart Dashboardunder Global Properties > NAT definition 

C. InSmart Dashboardin the NAT Rules 

D. In file $DFWDIR/lib/table.def 


Q118. - (Topic 8) 

A customer called to report one cluster member’s status as Down. What command should you use to identify the possible cause? 

A. tcpdump/snoop 

B. cphaprob list 

C. fw ctl pstat 

D. fw ctl debug -m cluster + forward 


Q119. - (Topic 4) 

What is NOT true about Management Portal? 

A. Choosing Accept control connections in Implied Rules includes Management Portal access 

B. Management Portal requires a license 

C. Default Port for Management Portal access is 4433 

D. Management Portal could be reconfigured for using HTTP instead of HTTPS 


Q120. - (Topic 3) 

Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning MEP VPN's? 

A. State synchronization between Security Gateways is NOT required. 

B. MEP Security Gateways cannot be managed by separate Management Servers. 

C. The VPN Client is assigned a Security Gateway to connect to based on a priority list, should the first connection fail. 

D. MEP VPN's are restricted to the location of the gateways. 


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