Avant-garde Check Point 156-115.77 - An Overview 1 to 10

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2017 Feb 156-115.77 test questions

Q1. - (Topic 4) 

You are setting up VPN between two gateways Local-GW and New-GW and want to use shared secret. For some reason New-GW is not showing up in the shared secret properties under mesh community properties. What is the most likely reason why the New-GW is not displayed? 

A. Gateway is locally managed by the same management station as Local-GW and shared secret is not supported for this configuration 

B. New-GW has to have Advanced properties > shared secret enabled. 

C. You need to install database by selecting Policy > Install database before gateway can be added. 

D. Gateway is 600 appliance and does not support “shared secret” option. 


Q2. - (Topic 10) 

Does R77 SmartDashboard support IPv6? 

A. Yes provided the operating system on which Smart Dashboard is installed is configured with IPv6. 

B. SmartDashboard does not support IPv6. 

C. IPv6 needs to be tunneled through IPv4 to support IPv6. 

D. R77.20 and above provides the support for Smart Dashboard and IPv6 support. 


Q3. - (Topic 6) 

From a Best Practices perspective, what percentage of your packets should be accelerated? 

A. 65% 

B. 90% 

C. 100% 

D. 75% 


Q4. - (Topic 8) 

Which command will allow you to change firewall affinity and survive a reboot with no further modification? 

A. fw ctl affinity –s 

B. sim affinity –l 

C. fw affinity –l 

D. sim affinity –s 


Q5. - (Topic 11) 

Jane wants to create a VPN using OSPF. Which VPN configuration would you recommend she use? 

A. Site-to-site VPN 

B. Domain-based VPN 

C. Route-based VPN 

D. Remote-access VPN 


Up to the immediate present 156-115.77 book:

Q6. - (Topic 11) 

What considerations are required when configuring IPV6 with Wire mode? 

A. IPv6 in Wire mode is only supported in R77. 

B. IPV6 must be configured on both end points. 

C. IPV6 is not supported in Wire mode. 

D. You must use internal IPv6 addressing space to use Wire mode. 


Q7. - (Topic 1) 

Which of the following items is NOT part of the columns of the chain modules? 

A. Inbound/Outbound chain 

B. Function Pointer 

C. Chain position 

D. Module location 


Q8. - (Topic 9) 

Which of the following IPS Layers is responsible for ensuring that only valid retransmission packets are allowed to proceed to destinations? 

A. Protocol Parsers 

B. Context Management Interface layer (CMI) 

C. Protections 

D. Passive Streaming Library (PSL) 


Q9. - (Topic 6) 

From which version can you add Proxy ARP entries through the GAiA portal? 

A. R77.10 

B. R77 

C. R75.40 

D. R76 


Q10. - (Topic 3) 

Which definition best describes the file table.def function? It is a placeholder for: 

A. definitions of various kernel tables for Security Gateways. 

B. definitions of various kernel tables for Management Servers. 

C. user defined implied rules for Security Gateways. 

D. user defined implied rules for Management Servers. 


Topic 4, VPN Troubleshooting 

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