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2021 Nov 156-315.77 actual test

Q141. - (Topic 7) 

What is a task of theSmart EventServer? 

A. Assign a severity level to an event. 

B. Display the received events. 

C. Analyze each IPS log entry as it enters the Log server. 

D. Forward what is known as an event to theSmart EventServer. 


664. - (Topic 7) 

What is Check Point's CoreXL? 

A. A way to synchronize connections across cluster members 

B. TCP-18190 

C. Multiple core interfaces on the device to accelerate traffic 

D. Multi Core support for Firewall Inspection 



QUESTIONNO: 668 Fill in the blank. What is the correct command and syntax used to view a connection table summary on a Check Point Firewall? 

Answer: fw tab -t connections–s 

Q142. - (Topic 5) 

When upgrading to NGX R65, which Check Point products do not require a license upgrade to be current? 

A. VPN-1 NGX (R64) and later 

B. VPN-1 NGX (R60) and later 

C. VPN-1 NG with Application Intelligence (R54) and later 

D. None, all versions require a license upgrade 


Q143. - (Topic 1) 

From the following output of cphaprob state, which ClusterXL mode is this? 

A. New mode 

B. Multicast mode 

C. Legacy mode 

D. Unicast mode 


Q144. - (Topic 4) 

Given the following protection detailed and the enforcing gateways list, is the Tool many DNS queries with the RD flag set protection enabled on the Gateway R76? 

Please choose the answer with the correct justification. 

A. yes because it is set to prevent on the Default_Protrction, which R76gateway has 


B. No because the protection is only supported on IPS-1 Sensor 

C. No enough information to determine one way or other 

D. No, because the Too many DNS queries with the flag set protection is not a valid protection in R76 


Q145. - (Topic 1) 

Which of the following methods will provide the most complete backup of an R76configuration? 

A. Database Revision Control 

B. Policy Package Management 

C. Copying the directories $FWDIRconf and $CPDIRconf to another server 

D. upgrade exportcommand 


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Q146. - (Topic 7) 

All of the following are used by the DLP engine to match a message during a scan, EXCEPT: 

A. Message Body 

B. Protocol 

C. Data Type 

D. Destination 


Q147. - (Topic 2) 

A customer calls saying that a Load Sharing cluster shows drops with the error First packet is not SYN. Complete the following sentence. I will recommend: 

A. turning on SDF (Sticky Decision Function) 

B. turning off SDF (Sticky Decision Function) 

C. changing the load on each member 

D. configuring flush and ack 


Q148. - (Topic 2) 

In Management High Availability, what is an Active SMS? 

A. Active Security Master Server 

B. Active Smart Management Server 

C. Active Security Management Server 

D. Active Smart Master Server 


Q149. - (Topic 4) 

VPN-1 NGX includes a resource mechanism for working with the Common Internet File System (CIFS). However, this service only provides a limited level of actions for CIFS 

security. Which of the following services is NOT provided by a CIFS resource? 

A. Log access shares 

B. Block Remote Registry Access 

C. Log mapped shares 

D. Allow MS print shares 


Topic 5, Volume E 

Q150. - (Topic 4) 

What is a task of theSmart EventCorrelation Unit? 

A. Add events to the events database. 

B. Look for patterns according to the installed Event Policy. 

C. Assign a severity level to an event 

D. Display the received events. 


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