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2021 Dec 156-315.77 practice exam

Q301. - (Topic 4) 

When you check Web Server in a host-node object, what happens to the host? 

A. The Web server daemon is enabled on the host. 

B. More granular controls are added to the host, in addition to Web Intelligence tab settings. 

C. You can specify allowed ports in the Web server's node-object properties. You then do not need to list all allowed ports in the Rule Base. 

D. IPS Web Intelligence is enabled to check on the host. 


Q302. - (Topic 3) 

To verify SecureXL statistics you would use the command ________? 

A. fwaccel stats 

B. fw ctl pstat 

C. fwaccel top 

D. cphaprob stat 


Q303. - (Topic 5) 

Your current VPN-1 NG with Application Intelligence (AI) R55 stand-alone VPN-1 Pro Gateway and SmartCenter Server runs on SecurePlatform. You plan to implement VPN-1 NGX R65 in a distributed environment, where the new machine will be the SmartCenter Server, and the existing machine will be the VPN-1 Pro Gateway only. You need to migrate the NG with AI R55 SmartCenter Server configuration, including licensing. 

How do you handle licensing for this NGX R65 upgrade? 

A. Request an NGX R65 SmartCenter Server license, using the new server's IP address. 

Request a new central NGX R65 VPN-1 Gateway license also licensed to the new SmartCenter Server's IP address. 

B. Leave the current license on the gateway to be upgraded during the software upgrade. Purchase a new license for the VPN-1 NGX R65 SmartCenter Server. 

C. Request an NGX R65 SmartCenter Server license, using the existing gateway machine's IP address. Request a new local license for the NGX R65 VPN-1 Gateway using the new server's IP address. 

D. Request an NGX R65 SmartCenter Server license, using the new server's IP address. Request a new central NGX R65 VPN-1 Gateway license for the existing gateway server's IP address. 


Q304. - (Topic 1) 

When usingSmart Dashboardto manage existing users inSmart Directory, when are the changes applied? 

A. Instantaneously 

B. At policy installation 

C. Never, you cannot manage users throughSmart Dashboard 

D. At database synchronization 


Q305. - (Topic 7) 

In R76, My Organization e-mail addresses or domains are used for: 

A. Scanning e-mails only if its sender e-mail address is part of this definition, by default. 

B. Defining the e-mail address of the SMTP relay server. 

C. FTP traffic sent from a user where his e-mail is part of this definition scanned by DLP, by default. 

D. HTTP traffic sent from a user where his e-mail is part of this definition scanned by DLP, by default. 


Up to the minute 156-315.77 exam question:

Q306. - (Topic 5) 

Which of the following SSL Network Extender server-side prerequisites are correct? Select all that apply. 

A. The VPN1-Gateway must be configured to work with Visitor Mode 

B. The specific VPN-1 Security Gateway must be configured as a member of the VPN-1 Remote Access Community. 

C. There are distinctly separate access rules required forSecure Clientusers vs. SSL Network Extender users. 

D. To use Integrity Clientless Security (ICS), you must install the ICS server or configuration tool. 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q307. - (Topic 4) 

SmartWorkflow has been enabled with the following configuration: 

If a security administrator opens a new session and after making changes to policy, submits the session for approval will be displayed as: 

A. Approved 

B. In progress 

C. Not Approved 

D. Awaiting Approval 


Q308. - (Topic 5) 

The following configuration is for VPN-1 NGX:1s this configuration correct for Management High Availability (HA)? 

A. No, the SmartCenter Servers must be installed on the same operating system. 

B. No, a VPN-1 NGX SmartCenter Server cannot run on Red Hat Linux 7.3. 

C. No, the SmartCenter Servers must reside on the same network. 

D. No, A VPN-1 NGX SmartCenter Server can only be in a Management HA configuration, if the operating system is Solaris. 

E. No, the SmartCenter Servers do not have the same number of NICs. 


Q309. - (Topic 5) 

Central License management allows a Security Administrator to perform which of the following? Select all that apply. 

A. Attach and/or delete only NGX Central licenses to a remote module (not Local licenses) 

B. Check for expired licenses 

C. Add or remove a license to or from the license repository 

D. Sort licenses and view license properties 

E. Delete both NGX Local licenses and Central licenses from a remote module 

F. Attach both NGX Central and Local licenses to a remote module 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Q310. - (Topic 4) 

Which of the following explains Role Segregation? 

A. Administrators have different abilities than managers within SmartWorkflow. 

B. Different tasks within SmartDashboard are divided according to firewall administrator permissions. 

C. Changes made by an administrator in a SmartWorkflow session must have managerial approval prior to commitment. 

D. SmartWorkflow can be configured so that managers can only view their assigned sessions 


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