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2021 Dec 312-50v8 vce:

Q191. Which of the following.does proper basic configuration of snort as a network intrusion detection system require? 

A. Limit the packets captured to the snort configuration file. 

B. Capture every packet on the network segment. 

C. Limit the packets captured to a single segment. 

D. Limit the packets captured to the /var/log/snort directory. 


Q192. Which of the following network attacks takes advantage of weaknesses in the fragment reassembly functionality of the TCP/IP protocol stack? 

A. Teardrop 

B. SYN flood 

C. Smurf attack 

D. Ping of death 


Q193. You are programming a buffer overflow exploit and you want to create a NOP sled of 200 bytes in the program exploit.c 

What is the hexadecimal value of NOP instruction? 

A. 0x60 

B. 0x80 

C. 0x70 

D. 0x90 


Q194. Null sessions are un-authenticated connections (not using a username or password.) to an NT or 2000 system. Which TCP and UDP ports must you filter to check null sessions on your network? 

A. 137 and 139 

B. 137 and 443 

C. 139 and 443 

D. 139 and 445 


Q195. Which definition below best describes a covert channel? 

A. A server program using a port that is not well known 

B. Making use of a protocol in a way it was not intended to be used 

C. It is the multiplexing taking place on a communication link 

D. It is one of the weak channels used by WEP that makes it insecure 


Replace 312-50v8 questions:

Q196. Which technical characteristic do Ethereal/Wireshark, TCPDump, and Snort have in common? 

A. They are written in Java. 

B. They send alerts to security monitors. 

C. They use the same packet analysis engine. 

D. They use the same packet capture utility. 


Q197. Fred is scanning his network to ensure it is as secure as possible. Fred sends a TCP probe packet to a host with a FIN flag and he receives a RST/ACK response. What does this mean? 

A. This response means the port he is scanning is open. 

B. The RST/ACK response means the port Fred is scanning is disabled. 

C. This means the port he is scanning is half open. 

D. This means that the port he is scanning on the host is closed. 


Q198. An attacker finds a web page for a target organization that supplies contact information for the company. Using available details to make the message seem authentic, the attacker drafts e-mail to an employee on the contact page that appears to come from an individual who might reasonably request confidential information, such as a network administrator. 

The email asks the employee to log into a bogus page that requests the employee's user name and password or click on a link that will download spyware or other malicious programming. 

Google's Gmail was hacked using this technique and attackers stole source code and sensitive data from Google servers. This is highly sophisticated attack using zero-day exploit vectors, social engineering and malware websites that focused on targeted individuals working for the company. 

What is this deadly attack called? 

A. Spear phishing attack 

B. Trojan server attack 

C. Javelin attack 

D. Social networking attack 


Q199. Exhibit: 

Based on the following extract from the log of a compromised machine, what is the hacker really trying to steal? 

A. har.txt 

B. SAM file 

C. wwwroot 

D. Repair file 


Q200. A security engineer is attempting to map a company’s internal network. The engineer enters in the following NMAP commanD. 

NMAP –n –sS –P0 –p 80 ***.***.**.** 

What type of scan is this? 

A. Quick scan 

B. Intense scan 

C. Stealth scan 

D. Comprehensive scan 


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