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2021 Oct 156-915.71 actual exam

Q11. Mark the configuration options that are available for Data Loss Prevention in R71.

A. A Dedicated DLP Gateway running only the DLP Software Blade.

B. The DLP Gateway running only the Firewall Software Blade.

C. The DLP Gateway running only the Management Server on the same machine.

D. the DLP as an integrated software blade, which can be enabled on a Check Point Security Gateway running other software blades such Firewall, IPS and Management.

Answer: A

Q12. Which of the following statements about file-type recognition in Content Inspection is TRUE?

A. A scan failure will only occur if the antivirus engine fails to initialize.

B. Antivirus status is monitored using SmartView Tracker.

C. The antivirus engine acts as a proxy, caching the scanned file before delivering it to the client.

D. All file types are considered "at risk", and are not subject to the whims of the Administrator or the Security Policy

Answer: C

Q13. Can endusers be forcedto authenticateby using client certificatesandusername password credentials?

A. yes, but by manually changing the parameters is password warning to true in the $ PWDIR/conf/ objects_5_0.c file, to allow for LDAP

B. No, R71 only supports authentication by clientcertificates

C. Yes by editing the protection-levelsettings

D. SSL VPN supportsserver certificates

Answer: C

Q14. Whatportis used forcommunication to theUser CenterwithSmart update?

A. CPM200



D. TCP 8080

Answer: B

Q15. What is NOT true about Management Portal?

A. Choosing Accept control connections in Implied Rules includes Management Portal access

B. Management Portal requires a license

C. Default Port for Management Portal access is 4433

D. Management Portal could be reconfigured for using HTTP instead of HTTPS

Answer: D

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Q16. When synchronizing clusters, which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. Client Auth or Session Auth connections through a cluster member will be lost if the cluster member fails.

B. The stare of connection using resources is maintained by a Security Server, so there connections cannot be synchronized.

C. Only cluster members running on me same OS platform can be synchronized.

D. In the case of a failover, accounting information on the failed member may be lost despite a properly working synchronization.

Answer: D

Q17. Control connections between the security management server and gateway are notencryptedby VPN community. How are these connections secured?

A. They are not encrypted, hut are authenticated by the Gateway

B. They are secured by PPTP

C. They are not secured

Answer: A

Q18. YourCustomer wishes to installsmart workflowon top of R/0 securitySERVER (windows system0. what is the required diskSPACE?

A. 1256 MB

B. 1 GB

C. 512 MB

D. 880 MB

Answer: D

Q19. Youuse the snapshot feature to storeyour Connectra SSL VPN configuration.What do you expect to find?

A. Nothing: snapshot is not supported in Connectra SSL VPN

B. The management configuration of the current product,ana management or stand-alone machine

C. A complete image of the local file system

D. Specified directories of the local file system

Answer: C

Q20. You are concerned that your company's servers might be vulnerable to an attack where a client fools a server into sending large amounts of data, using small packets. Which SmartDefense option should you use to protect the servers?

A. Network Security > Denial of Service > Non-TCP Flooding

B. Network Security > Denial of Service > LAND

C. Network Security > IP and ICMP > Block Null Payload ICMP

D. Network Security > TCP > Small PMTU

Answer: D

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