Up to the immediate present 199-01: Testking real rapidshare from 21 to 30

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Q21. Refer to the exhibit.

What does the term resyncing mean?

A. All Interceptor appliances have been connected and the appliances are transferring connection information

B. All Interceptor appliances and all Steelhead appliances have been connected and the appliances are transferring connection information

C. The connection has been established and the Interceptor appliance is transferring its state information

D. The connection has been established and the devices are transferring their state information

Answer: D

Q22. What are an Interceptor appliance's main functions? (Select 2)

A. Provides a way to intercept and redirect interesting traffic for optimization

B. Monitors multiple links and redirect interesting traffic over a cluster of Steelhead appliances in a logical in-path deployment

C. Replaces any existing Layer 4 switch in a given environment

D. Used to configure and work with WCCP and PBR

E. Required component Steelhead appliances in all Steelhead appliance deployments

Answer: AB

Q23. Which of the following is Endpoint alarm?

A. Locked secure vault

B. Firewalled status

C. Network interface error

D. Temperature

E. Memory paging

Answer: B

Q24. The Primary interface is REQUIRED for which deployment methods and features?

1) In-path

2) Server-side out-of-path

3) Logical in-path (WCCP/PBR)

4) Hybrid Mode

5) Proxy File Services (PFS)

A. 2

B. 1, 2

C. 2, 3

D. 2, 4

E. 2, 4, 5

Answer: E

Q25. What parameters are required to add a new Steelhead appliance on the CMC appliance? (Select 2)

A. Hostname

B. IP address

C. Serial number

D. Sport ID

E. User name and password

Answer: CE

Abreast of the times 199-01 exam topics:

Q26. Which of the following are configurable attributes of an Interceptor appliance? (Select 3)

A. Synchronizing datastore

B. Sharing connection state with a parallel Interceptor appliance

C. Redirect to a Steelhead appliance cluster

D. Failover to another Interceptor appliance

Answer: BCD

Q27. A customer wants to optimize traffic from remote VPN sites to DMZ servers in the data center shown in the accompanying exhibit.

The customer would also like to deploy their data center Steelhead appliance in a way that would allow them to keep transparency to the LAN servers, and allow the LAN servers to initiate optimized connections to remote sites. The current network architecture can satisfy these requirements by using which following deployment method?

A. In-path

B. Out-of-path


D. Hybrid Mode

E. C and D

Answer: D

Q28. Using an Interceptor appliance is an alternative to what network designs? (Select 2)



C. Connection Forwarding

D. Fixed-target rules

E. Peering rules

Answer: AB

Q29. The primary purpose of setting proxies (found on Networking ­ Proxies) on the Interceptor is to:

A. Allow for a Web or FTP proxy when specifying a URL on the Management Console or CLI

B. Allow for another Interceptor to redirect on behalf of the current Interceptor

C. Allow for Steelhead appliances to dynamically handle the load of another Steelhead appliance

D. Allow for two Interceptor appliances to act redundantly in a serial configuration

Answer: A

Q30. When using Correct Addressing, what is the out-of-band (OOB) splice connection described as?

A. A virtual connection contained within one of the inner-connections which corresponds to a client-server connection

B. A separate connection between the Primary IP addresses of the client and server Steelhead appliances

C. A separate inner-connection between two Steelhead appliances not directly related to any one of the user inner connections

D. No such construct exists

Answer: C

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