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Q151. What command should you use to see the direct URL of a package?

A. show rsp slots

B. show rsp modules

C. show rsp platform

D. show rsp packages

E. show rsp vms

Answer: A

Q152. What is required to be configured on a Steelhead appliance in order to work with an Interceptor appliance?

A. Connection Forwarding

B. Peering rules

C. Fixed-target rules

D. Pass-through rules

E. Nothing needs to be configured since this is all automated

Answer: A

Q153. What are the capabilities of an Interceptor appliance? (Select 3)

A. Peer affinity

B. Sequential rule processing

C. Intelligent forwarding

D. Basic in-path rules for pushing to the Steelhead appliance cluster

E. Centralize reporting of all Steelhead appliances in the enterprise

Answer: ABC

Q154. Which command will display current alarm status information?

A. show stats alarm

B. stats show alarm

C. show alarm all

D. alarm show all

E. show all

Answer: A

Q155. Which of the following is NOT supported in Alarm Settings?

A. Raise alarm when network interface duplex errors are detected

B. Raise alarm when network interface link errors are detected

C. Raise alarm when the number of optimized connections exceeds user specified limit

D. Raise alarm if a software version mismatch is detected in the network

E. Raise alarm when asymmetric routes are detected

Answer: C

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Q156. After deploying the Steelhead appliances in-path, you are not seeing any optimization between and

Look at the following trace in the exhibit and explain why: (HINT: Look at the SYN packet)

A. There is a spanning-tree loop

B. The cables are reversed

C. The three way hand-shake is not being completed

D. The client and servers are on the same /16 subnet

E. There is no SYN/ACK from

Answer: B

Q157. Which of the following custom TACACS+ attribute-value (AV) pairs gives the user guest privileges?

A. local-user-name=anonymous

B. local-user-name=guest

C. local-user-name=administrator

D. local-user-name=monitor

E. local-user-name=ghost

Answer: D

Q158. Which of the following commands will show the log level configuration? (Select 2)

A. show configuration full

B. configuration show full

C. show logging

D. logging show

E. show log level

Answer: AC

Q159. Log messages in the Steelhead appliance Management Console such as "error=SMB_SHUTDOWN_ERR_SEC_SIG_ENABLED" are an indication of what condition?

A. The Steelhead appliance has entered admission control

B. The Steelhead appliance has detected an asymmetric network

C. The Steelhead appliance is configured with the incorrect speed or duplex on the Primary interface

D. The Steelhead appliance is configured with the incorrect speed or duplex on of the in-path interfaces

E. The Steelhead appliance is configured in "Tunnel Mode"

F. The Steelhead appliance has detected Windows Server Message Block (SMB) signing

Answer: F

Q160. You have outgrown your current Steelhead appliance and want to copy the datastore from your exiting Steelhead 550 appliance to a new 2050 Steelhead appliance. What feature would you use to synchronize the different model Steelhead appliance datastores?

A. Export/Import operation function

B. Copy the datastore file system

C. "datastore send" command

D. Copying the configuration files

E. This cannot be done on Steelhead appliances

Answer: E

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