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2021 Jul 199-01 free practice test

Q1. A deployment has two parallel Interceptor appliances (A and B) each across a different link directed at different data center locations. Each data center has one Steelhead appliance (Steelhead-1 or Steelhead-2). The administrator wants probes coming into Interceptor A to be first serviced by Steelhead-1, then Steelhead-2 only if Steelhead-1 is full or unavailable. What is the most appropriate rule to be configured?

A. A Redirect Load Balancing rule containing Steelhead-1 and Steelhead-2

B. No Load Balancing rules are needed for the administrator's policy

C. Two Redirect Load Balancing rules; first rule for Steelhead-1 and second rule for Steelhead-2 

D. Two Redirect Load Balancing rules; first for both Steelhead-1 and Steelhead-2, second one for Steelhead-2

Answer: C

Q2. Two Steelhead appliances deployed in-path at different offices cannot auto-discover each other. What technique can be used to "force" the two Steelhead appliances to optimize traffic between each other?

A. Change the TCP port the Steelhead appliances use for their in-path connections to 7810

B. Disable the auto-discovery feature on the Steelhead appliances

C. Create auto-discovery rules that map to each Steelhead appliance's in-path IP address

D. Create fixed-target rules on each Steelhead appliance using the in-path IP address of the other Steelhead appliance, and use port 7800

E. Use the "enable probe" command from the CLI

Answer: D

Q3. When registering a Steelhead appliance to the CMC appliance, which of the following options are available? (Select 4)

A. IP address

B. Serial Number

C. Username

D. License

E. Group

Answer: ABCE

Q4. What are the four types of policies on a CMC appliance?

A. Networking, Optimization, Software, System

B. Networking, Optimization, Rules, System

C. Networking, Optimization, Security, System

D. Networking, Acceleration, Security, System

Answer: C

Q5. For a new connection, a Load Balancing rule matches but none of the target Steelhead appliances in the rule are available. What will happen to the new connection?

A. The connection is passed through

B. The next rule in the list is examined

C. The Interceptor appliance triggers an alarm

D. The Interceptor appliance discontinues redirecting any new connections and places this rule in admissions control

Answer: B

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Q6. An unwanted Steelhead appliance appears on the current connections list of one of your Steelhead appliances. How can you stop inbound connections from this unknown appliance from optimizing with your Steelhead appliances?

A. Create new peering rule(s) on your Steelhead appliances

B. Create new in-path rule(s) on your Steelhead appliance

C. Create IPSec tunnels between all of your Steelhead appliances

D. Reload all of your Steelhead appliances

E. Reload only the data center Steelhead appliance

Answer: A

Q7. When is it necessary to configure the SRDF Module rules? (Select 2)

A. Traffic originated between two EMC DMX arrays

B. Traffic originated from the Symmetrix FC ports (RF ports)

C. Traffic originated from the Symmetrix GigE ports (RE ports)

D. Traffic originated between two EMC V-Max arrays

Answer: CD

Q8. Which of the following are Steelhead Mobile Controller alarms? (Select 2)

A. Memory paging

B. Datastore errors

C. Peer version mismatch

D. SSL errors

E. File system full

Answer: AE

Q9. The Optimization service has been disabled on a Steelhead appliance. Which of the following events occur as a result?

A. LAN and WAN interfaces stop intercepting

B. Primary interface becomes disabled

C. AUX interface becomes disabled

D. The Steelhead appliance reboots

Answer: A

Q10. In a serial cluster deployment of Interceptor appliances, which interfaces are connected from one Interceptor appliance to another Interceptor appliance assuming they are connected back to back?

A. LAN0_0 to LAN0_1

B. WAN0_0 to WAN0_0

C. WAN0_0 to LAN0_0

D. LAN0_0 to LAN0_0

Answer: C

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