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2021 Sep 1Z0-516 practice

Q11. Identify three profile options that affect the integration of Oracle Receivables with other Oracle applications. (Choose three.) 

A. OM: Item Flexfield 

B. EB Tax: Inventory Item for Freight 

C. AR: Application GL Date Default 

D. EB Tax: Invoice Freight as Revenue 

E. AR: Change Customer on Transaction 

Answer: ABD

Q12. You are hired to implement Oracle General Ledger at Active Corporation. It has two offices: in the US (East) and the US (West). They have one primary ledger for their US operations. They want to maintain an additional ledger for management reporting and analysis purposes. They want all their department managers in the US to use the additional ledger to book internal management adjustments that are not published in their financial statements. Choose two statements that are true in the given scenario. (Choose two.) 

A. The secondary ledger contains day-to-day transactions. 

B. The primary ledger must contain only management adjustments. 

C. The secondary ledger represents the complete management picture. 

D. Assign an adjustment-only ledger to the existing accounting setup for the US legal entities. 

E. Use ledger sets to combine primary and secondary ledgers to get the complete management picture. 

Answer: DE

Q13. You are implementing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 General Ledger for ABC Corporation. Identify two setups required for journal approval. (Choose two.) 

A. Enable journal approval for the Journal Category window. 

B. Disable the Journal: Find Approver Method profile option. 

C. Enable the Journal: Allow Preparer Approval profile option. 

D. Configure the GL journal approval process in Oracle Workflow Builder. 

Answer: CD

Q14. ABC Corporation imports invoices from Suppliers through the Oracle Payables Open Interface tables. It wants to capture the Supplier Reference number on the Invoice Descriptive Flexfield and wants to review the Reference number on the interface form before importing invoices into Oracle Payables. Identify the two DFFs that you would implement and the Attribute you would use to capture the Supplier Reference number. (Choose two.) 

A. Invoice DFF with Attribute1 

B. Invoice DFF with Attribute2 

C. Invoice Lines DFF with Attribute1 

D. Invoice Distribution DFF with Attibute3 

E. Invoice Gateway Header DFF with Attribute2 

Answer: BE

Q15. After discussions with the client, the implementation team decides that the GL Autoallocation functionality would help satisfy the clients requirements to automatically allocate the rent and other expenses to all the departments based on the defined formula. The GL accountant comes to you with a requirement that the approver of the journal should be automatically informed once the journal is generated. What is your response? 

A. Cross-validation rules must be defined to satisfy this requirement. 

B. Dynamic Insert must be enabled to satisfy this requirement. 

C. Autoallocation uses Workflow, so there is no problem in satisfying this requirement. 

D. It is not possible to satisfy this requirement. 

Answer: C

1Z0-516 practice question

Avant-garde 1Z0-516 test questions:

Q16. Choose three required steps while performing the accounting setup in the Accounting Setup Manager. (Choose three.) 

A. Define operating units. 

B. Update accounting options. 

C. Complete the accounting setup. 

D. Define intercompany balancing rules. 

E. Create the accounting setup structure. 

F. Assign balancing segment values to legal entities. 

Answer: BCE

Q17. In creating a report, what is true about the column set? (Choose two.) 

A. Formats can be set for each column. 

B. Seeded column sets provided by Oracle must be used. 

C. Calculations can be performed using columns. 

D. Accounts cannot be assigned to a column set. 

Answer: AC

Q18. Which is the correct sequence of steps in planning your summary accounts? 

(1) planning the summary account structure 

(2) planning the parent segment values and rollup groups needed for summary accounts 

(3) determining summary account needs 

(4) planning summary account templates to generate multiple summary accounts 

A. 2, 3, 1, 4 

B. 3, 1, 2, 4 

C. 1, 2, 3, 4 

D. 2, 1, 3, 4 

Answer: B

Q19. View the Exhibit. 

While entering a journal in the Journals form, you enter a code combination of 29.402.4519.2103.240 in the five-segment Accounting Flexfield. However, you are unable to proceed after entering this account combination. What could be the problem in the structure definition of the Accounting Flexfield? 

A. The "Freeze Rollup Groups" check box is selected. 

B. The "Allow Dynamic Inserts" check box is deselected. 

C. The "Freeze Flexfield Definition" check box is selected. 

D. The "Cross-Validate Segments" check box is selected. 

Answer: B

Q20. Which four products in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 require a Multi-Org setup? (Choose four.) 

A. Payables 

B. Purchasing 

C. Receivables 

D. General Ledger 

E. Order Management 

Answer: ABCE

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