10 tips on How to 1Z0-516 Test Like a Badass [231 to 240]

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2021 Jul 1Z0-516 test preparation

Q231. ABC.com has many parent segment values with a large number of child values in each parent. ABC.com is having problems running reports. Which profile option would enable better performance? 

A. FSG: Enable Search Optimization 

B. FSG: Expand Parent Value 

C. FSG: Enforce Segment Value Security 

Answer: A

Q232. Client L has implemented Oracle Payables. They have been able to enter invoices and have them validated, but have been unable to create accounting entries. You have been asked to review the situation. Identify what could be causing this problem. 

A. The base currency has not been defined. 

B. Automatic offsets have been set to balancing. 

C. The primary accounting method has not been defined. 

D. The Payables Accounting Process was not submitted. 

E. The account for gain or loss attribute has not been enabled. 

Answer: D

Q233. Flavour Inc. in the United Kingdom has a subsidiary in India known as Spices Inc. Flavour Inc. has a four-segment chart of accounts, whereas Spices Inc. has a five-segment chart of accounts. Select three statements that apply to consolidating ledgers with different charts of accounts. (Choose three.) 

A. Only one action can be defined per parent segment. 

B. Consolidations based on account rules process faster. 

C. Consolidations based on segment rules process faster. 

D. Segment rules override account rules if there is any conflict. 

E. A segment rule action must be defined for each segment in the parent chart of accounts. 

Answer: ACE

Q234. Identify two features of a Descriptive Flexfield. (Choose two.) 

A. It does not have a structure. 

B. It enables you to build "intelligent keys." 

C. It appears as a normal field on a form without any brackets. 

D. It enables you to implement context-sensitive fields that appear only when needed. 

E. It enables you to capture additional information in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 without programming. 

Answer: DE

Q235. A global company has Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 operations in the U.S., United Kingdom, and Sweden. The company now wants to add Denmark to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. Identify two components that are required to create a new Denmark responsibility. (Choose two.) 

A. Menu 

B. Exclusions 

C. Data Group 

D. Request Set 

E. Stage Function 

F. Individual concurrent requests 

Answer: AC

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Q236. When you validate an invoice in Payables, E-Business Tax automatically performs four tasks. (Choose four.) 

A. creates distributions 

B. recalculates tax lines 

C. allocates tax amounts 

D. places tax-related holds on the invoice 

E. updates imported invoices into Payables 

Answer: ABCD

Q237. Identify two features of Flexfields in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose two.) 

A. Flexfields consist of segments. 

B. Flexfields are configurable fields. 

C. Flexfields are used only in Oracle Financials suite of products. 

D. Flexfields are available for all forms in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. 

Answer: AB

Q238. Identify three true statements regarding Multiple Organization reporting. (Choose three.) 

A. Cross Organization reports and multiple Organization reports are the same. 

B. Cross Organization reports can be submitted for a Reporting Level of Ledger. 

C. Multiple Organization reports can be submitted for a Reporting Level of Ledger. 

D. Multiple Organization reports produce outputs for different Operating Units one at a time from a single responsibility. 

E. Cross Organization reports produce outputs across different Operating Units in a single report from a single responsibility. 

F. Multiple Organization reports produce outputs for different Operating Units in a single report output from a single responsibility. 

Answer: BDE

Q239. E-Business Tax calculates the amount of tax that is recoverable on the basis of the tax setup. To implement accrual-based accounting recoverable tax, four setups are needed. (Choose four.) 

A. Enable "Set as offset tax." 

B. Enable "Allow tax recovery." 

C. Set the default recovery settlement option to "Deferred." 

D. Define tax accounts, tax expense, recoverable tax, and interim tax. 

E. Enable the default recovery settlement options at the regime, tax, tax status, or tax rate levels. 

Answer: BCDE

Q240. Which three are true about internal bank accounts? (Choose three.) 

A. They are defined to disburse funds to suppliers. 

B. They are defined for receiving payment from customers. 

C. They are defined to disburse electronic payments from your customers. 

D. They are defined for receiving electronic payments made to your suppliers. 

E. Internal accounts define bank accounts for which you are the account holder. 

Answer: ABE

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