[Actual] 1Z0-550 Oracle pdf exam 11-20 (Aug 2021)

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2021 Aug 1Z0-550 pdf exam

Q11. Which statement regarding roles is FALSE?

A. Sensitive Roles can be excluded from *ALL and a user can specify a single role at sign-on to work with only that role's information.

B. Security can be applied to roles rather than individual users allowing for less maintenance of security records.

C. Users cannot belong to multiple roles.

D. Role delegation can be used for one user to assign their roles to another user.

E. Roles contain effective and expiration dates.

Answer: A

Q12. ACME has built a full package and noticed there was a problem with the client package build process for one of the business function objects, B9840 included in CINSTALL library, as it reported 'ERROR' in the R9621.pdf. Which log file on the Deployment Server should be examined to determine the cause of the business function compile problem?

A. SvrPkgBuild.log

B. JDE.log

C. ClientPkgBuild.log

D. Buildlog.txt

E. BuildReport.txt

Answer: A

Q13. EnterpriseOne Data Dictionary items provide the foundation for all EnterpriseOne objects and they are a critical part of the EnterpriseOne change management system. However Data Dictionary is typically stored in one shared data source for all environments. In which environment does Oracle recommend to NOT have a shared Data Dictionary?






Answer: B

Q14. ACME is about to upgrade their Development environment from ERP 8.0 to EnterpriseOne 8.9. In the Specification Merge Selection application, what is the correct setting for the Mod Flag and Merge Option columns to merge an object during the upgrade?

A. Mod Flag=blank; Merge Option=blank

B. Mod Flag=blank; Merge Option=l

C. Mod Flag=blank; Merge Option=2

D. Mod Flag=C; Merge Option=l

E. Mod Flag=C; Merge Option=2

Answer: D

Q15. EnterpriseOne subsystem UBE jobs provide the system the ability to run without interaction and to avoid the fixed cost of repeated UBE startup overhead. Which of the options would make UBE a good candidate for the subsystem?

A. Long running jobs

B. Short duration jobs

C. Process intensive jobs

D. Light-weight process jobs

E. High memory usage jobs

Answer: B

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Q16. ACME is working on setting up security for *PUBLIC, individual users, and roles. When a user has multiple roles (APUSER, APADMIN, ...) and signs in with a single role (APADMIN), what is the hierarchy that security records read when a user attempts to access an application or perform an action?

A. User -> *PUBLIC -> Role

B. Role -> User -> *PUBLIC

C. *PUBLIC -> Role -> User

D. User -> Role -> *PUBLIC

E. *PUBLIC -> User -> Role

Answer: D

Q17. Which JDE.INI configuration setting redirects UBE file output?

A. DefaultPrinterOutQ

B. UBEQueue

C. SaveOutput

D. OutputDirectory

E. Printlmmediate

Answer: D

Q18. When deploying a new Update Package to a development workstation that includes multiple objects (including applications, UBEs, and business functions), which statement best describes what happens to local objects during a package deployment?

A. Saved off to a backup location in zip format

B. Automatically checked into the deployment server

C. Completely replaced by the new updated objects in the package

D. Merged with the new updated objects in the package

E. Saved to the Save location as defined in OMW

Answer: B

Q19. Which are the two main feature option types for installing the EnterpriseOne Platform Pack?

A. Logic Path Codes

B. JDBC Driver

C. Path Code Databases

D. Data Sources

E. Deployment Server Location

Answer: AC

Q20. ACME is working on setting up security for *PUBLIC, individual users, and roles. What security type grants permission to run an application regardless of other security settings?

A. Application

B. Action

C. Exit

D. Exclusive Application

E. Tab

Answer: D

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