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New Cisco 200-125 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 8 - Question 17)

Q1. Which two protocols can detect native vlan mismatch errors?


B. Cisco Discovery Protocol




Answer: B,C

Q2. Which two steps must you perform on each device that is configured for ipv4 routing before you implement OSPFv3? (chooose two)

A. configure an autonomous system number

B. configure a loopback interface

C. configure a router ID

D. enable IPv6 on an interface

E. enable IPv6 unicast routing

Answer: C,E

Q3. Which two command can you enter to display the current time sources statistics on devices

? (Choose TWO)

A. Show ntp associations.

B. Show clock details.

C. Show clock.

D. Show time.

E. Show ntp status.

Answer: A,E

Q4. Which type of MAC address is aged automatically by the switch?

A. automatic

B. manual

C. dynamic

D. static

Answer: C

Q5. Which DTP switch port mode allows the port to create a trunk link if the neighboring port is in trunk mode, dynamic desirable mode, or desirable auto mode?

A. trunk

B. access

C. dynamic desirable

D. dynamic auto

Answer: C

Q6. Which MAC protocol sets a random timer to reattempt communication?

A. IEEE 802.1x




Answer: D

Q7. Which Two options are features of the extended ping command ?

A. it can send packets from a specified interface or ip address

B. it can resolve the destination host name

C. it can ping multiple hosts at the same time

D. it can count the number of hops to the remote host

E. it can send a specified number of packets

Answer: A,E

Q8. Which command must you enter to enable OSPFv2 in an IPv4 network ?

A. ip ospf hello-interval seconds

B. router ospfv2 process-id

C. router ospf value

D. router ospf process-id

Answer: D

Q9. If three devices are plugged into one port on a switch and two devices are plugged into a different port, how many collision domains are on the switch?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6

Answer: C

Q10. Which technology can provide security when connection multiple sites across the internet?



C. Site-to-site vpn


Answer: B

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