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Exam Code: 200-355 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals
Certification Provider: Cisco
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2021 Jun 200-355 Study Guide Questions:

Q181. A wireless engineer has an access point using the 5.725-GHz channel in the United States. In which band is the AP operating? 

A. UNII-1 

B. UNII-2 

C. UNII-2 Extended 

D. UNII-3 

Answer: C 

Q182. Which type of frames are ACK and CF-ACK? 

A. control 

B. management 


D. association 

Answer: A 

Q183. What is Cisco WCS Navigator? 

A. a single point of management for multiple Cisco WCS servers 

B. a server for storing and reviewing Cisco Spectrum Expert station data 

C. a server for storing the location data of wireless clients 

D. a GUI for displaying the data of Cisco CleanAir APs, aligned with an uploaded map 

E. a single point of management for multiple Cisco WLC systems 

Answer: A 

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Q184. Which command path correctly describes how to access and troubleshoot clients with Cisco WCS version 7.0? 

A. Tools > Clients > select displayed client's MAC address 

B. Tools > Clients > enter client's MAC address 

C. Monitor > Clients > click displayed client's MAC address 

D. Monitor > Clients > enter client's MAC address 

Answer: C 

Q185. An engineer is troubleshooting why wireless clients have not been able to connect to the network. Where would an engineer verify the total number of excluded clients in the last day? 

A. Security > Miscellaneous 

B. Security > Rogues 

C. Alarms 

D. Events 

E. Clients > Troubleshoot 

F. Access Points 

Answer: A 

Q186. What are three primary components that describe TKIP? (Choose three.) 

A. broadcast key rotation 

B. dynamic WEP 

C. message integrity check 

D. per-packet key hashing 

E. symmetric key cipher 

F. WPA2 enterprise mode 

Answer: A,C,D 

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Q187. What two methods of authentication are available for Local EAP? 


B. Local and RADIUS 

C. Local Only 

D. LDAP and Local 

Answer: D 

Q188. An engineer wants to setup WPA2 Enterprise using EAP-TLS and a remote RADIUS server. What device(s) would the engineer specify the EAP type on? 

A. the supplicant and authentication server 

B. the supplicant and authenticator 

C. the authenticator and authentication server 

D. the supplicant only 

E. the authentication server only 

Answer: A 



Q190. Which action secures the SNMPv2C protocol in a Cisco WLC? 

A. configure new communities and disable default communities 

B. use digital certificates to authenticate and encrypt transmissions 

C. enable password or transfer encryption 

D. set a username and difficult-to-guess password 

Answer: A 

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