Top 10 samples 200-530 for IT candidates (161 to 170)

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2021 Jun 200-530 latest exam

Q161. What is the output of the following code? 

A. 0 

B. An integer overflow error 

C. A warning, because $x1 is not set 

D. A warning, because $x2 is not set 

E. A floating-point overflow error 

F. Nothing 

Answer: D

Q162. What will be the output of the following code? 

$a = array(0, 1, 2 => array(3, 4)); $a[3] = array(4, 5); echo count($a, 1); 

A. 4 

B. 5 

C. 8 

D. None of the above 

Answer: C

Q163. What is the output of the following code? 

A. 0 

B. 1 

C. 2 

D. 3 

Answer: D

Q164. What will the following function call return? 

strstr('', '/'); 

A. / 

B. /file.php 

C. file.php 

D. // 

Answer: D

Q165. Which of the following is NOT possible using reflection? 

A. Analysing of nearly any aspect of classes and interfaces 

B. Analysing of nearly any aspect of functions 

C. Adding class methods 

D. Implement dynamic construction (new with variable class name) 

Answer: C

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Q166. When working with the MVC paradigma, the business logic should be implemented in which of the following components? 

A. Model 

B. View 

C. Controller 

Answer: A

Q167. Which of the following may be used in conjunction with CASE inside a SWITCH statement? 

A. A scalar 

B. An expression 

C. A boolean 

D. All of the above 

Answer: D

Q168. What is the difference between "print" and "echo"? 

A. There is no difference. 

B. Print returns length of data printed and echo does not 

C. Echo returns length of the data printed and print does not 

D. Print buffers the output, while echo does not 

E. None of the above 

Answer: B

Q169. An unbuffered query will: (Choose 2) 

A. Return the first data faster 

B. Return all data faster 

C. Free connection faster for others scripts to use D. Use less memory 

Answer: AD

Q170. Transactions are used to: 

A. guarantee high performance 

B. secure data consistency 

C. secure access to the database 

D. reduce the database server overhead 

E. reduce code size in PHP 

Answer: B

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