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2021 Oct 200-530 question

Q171. Which string will be returned by the following function call? 

$test = '/etc/conf.d/wireless' 

substr($test, strrpos($test, '/')); 

A. "" 

B. "/wireless" 

C. "wireless" 

D. "/conf.d/wireless" 

E. "/etc" 

Answer: B

Q172. How many elements does the $matches array contain after the following function call is performed? 

preg_match('/^(d{1,2}([a-z]+))(?:s*)S+ (?=200[0-9])/', '21st March 

2006', $matches); 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 3 

D. 4 

Answer: C

Q173. Given the following code, what is correct? 

function f(stdClass &$x = NULL) { $x = 42; 

$z = new stdClass; 



A. Error: Typehints cannot be NULL 

B. Error: Typehints cannot be references 

C. Result is NULL 

D. Result is object of type stdClass E. Result is 42 

Answer: E

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Q174. When PHP is running on a command line, what super-global will contain the command line arguments specified? 


B. $_ENV 


D. $_POST 

E. $_ARGV 

Answer: A

Q175. Which of the following techniques ensures that a value submitted in a form can only be yes or no? 

A. Use a select list that only lets the user choose between yes and no. 

B. Use a hidden input field that has a value of yes or no. 

C. Enable the safe_mode configuration directive. 

D. None of the above. 

Answer: D

Q176. What will be the result of the following operation? 

array_combine(array("A","B","C"), array(1,2,3)); 

A. array("A","B",C",1,2,3) 

B. array(1,2,3,"A","B",C") 

C. array("A"=>1,"B"=>2,"C"=>3) 

D. array(1=>"A",2=>"B",3=>"C") 

E. array(1,2,3) 

Answer: C

Q177. What is the output of the following code? 

echo "22" + "0.2", 23 . 1; 

A. 220.2231 

B. 22.2231 

C. 22.2,231 

D. 56.2 

Answer: B

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