250-410 dump(11 to 20) for client: Aug 2021 Edition

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2021 Aug 250-410 book

Q11. Risks can be modeled by performing which two tasks using the Risk Manager module? (Select two.) 

A.define a security objective by using predefined templates

B.associate critical assets with the security objective

C.import the assets to be managed in the organization

D.identify and view data from an external data system

E.map policies to technical and procedural controls

Answer: A,B 

Q12. The control point data owner is unavailable. Who can approve the entitlements for a given control point in their absence? 

A.alternate approver

B.entitlement administrator

C.entitlement auditor

D.CCS administrator

Answer: A 

Q13. Which technique can be used to add contextual information to an asset that can prove helpful for reporting and scoping purposes? 

A.dynamic asset flagging

B.reconciliation rules

C.asset tagging

D.asset grouping

Answer: A 

Q14. The attributes of a check can be specified or edited through the details pane on the general tab in the Manage > Standards workspace. Which selection is unchangeable? 

A.Access Complexity

B.Access Vector



Answer: D 

Q15. Which action is invalid for a predefined standard? 



C.requesting an exception


Answer: D

250-410 exam answers

Improved 250-410 free practice test:

Q16. What are two functions of the Control Compliance Suite 11.0 (CCS) Directory? (Select two.) 

A.It stores the asset data and user rights.

B.It manages the system scheduling and workflow.

C.It hosts the certificate authority for the CCS system.

D.It manages web-based dashboards.

E.It executes all standards-based jobs.

Answer: D,E 

Q17. During the policy review period, a reviewer requests a change to the policy. What happens to the status for that policy? 

A.The policy changes to Draft status.

B.The policy remains in the In Review status.

C.The policy changes to Approved status.

D.The policy changes to Unpublished status.

Answer: A 

Q18. What does enabling chaining on a report allow a user to do? 

A.run a Collection-Evaluation-Report

B.link two reports together

C.export the report

D.customize the report

Answer: A 

Q19. A query halts with the error: "An Error occurred in Data Query activity: Unable to retrieve list of assets from directory server: No Assets were resolved from the directory, either due to insufficient permissions or an invalid job definition". What are two possible solutions? (Select two.) 

A.verify that the Data Processing Service is running as the System account

B.verify that the SQL Server temp database has sufficient disk space

C.verify that the Service Principal Names are properly registered

D.verify that the Application Server service account is trusted for delegation

E.verify that the Assets exist

Answer: C,D 

Q20. Which tool is used to create and add a certificate to the Certificate store in Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.0? 


B.Certificate Management Console



Answer: B

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