Tips to Pass JN0-332 Exam (291 to 297)

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2016 Aug JN0-332 practice question

Q291. Which zone type will allow transit-traffic? 

A. system 

B. security 

C. default 

D. functional 

Answer: B 

Q292. In a chassis cluster with two SRX 5800 devices, the interface ge-13/0/0 belongs to which device? 

A. This interface is a system-created interface. 

B. This interface belongs to node 0 of the cluster. 

C. This interface belongs to node 1 of the cluster. 

D. This interface will not exist because SRX 5800 devices have only 12 slots. 

Answer: C 

Q293. You are configuring the SRX Series Services Gateway in chassis cluster mode. 

What is a valid way to configure Redundancy Groups (RGs) 1 and 2 for active/active redundancy? 

A. Configure RG 1 primary for Node 0 and RG 2 primary for Node 1 

B. Configure RG 1 and RG 2 primary for Node 0 

C. Configure RG 1 and RG 2 primary for Node 1 

D. Configure RG 0 primary for Node 0 

Answer: A 

JN0-332 practice

Most recent JN0-332 practice question:

Q294. You want to show interface-specific zone information and statistics. Which operational command would be used to accomplish this? 

A. show security zones detail 

B. show interfaces ge-0/0/3.0 

C. show interfaces terse 

D. show interfaces ge-0/0/3.0 extensive 

Answer: D 

Q295. Which two statements describe the purpose of a security policy? (Choose two.) 

A. It enables traffic counting and logging. 

B. It enforces a set of rules for transit traffic. 

C. It controls host inbound services on a zone. 

D. It controls administrator rights to access the device. 

Answer: AB 

Q296. -- Exhibit --user@host# set interfaces ge-0/0/5 gigether-options redundant-parent reth1 user@host# set interfaces ge-5/0/5 gigether-options redundant-parent reth1 user@host# set interfaces reth1.0 family inet address user@host# commit [edit interfaces reth1] 'unit 0' reth1 needs to be associated with a non-zero redundancy-group error: configuration check-out failed -- Exhibit --

Click the Exhibit button. 

Referring to the exhibit, you have built a chassis cluster, set up a reth, and put interfaces into the reth. However, when you try to commit the configuration, you receive the error shown in the exhibit. 

Which configuration command will correct this error? 

A. Set chassis cluster reth-count 2 

B. Set chassis cluster redundancy-group 1 interface-monitor reth1 

C. Set interfaces reth1 redundant-ether-options redundancy-group 1 

D. Set chassis cluster redundancy-group 0 interface-monitor reth1 

Answer: C 

Q297. What is supported on the fabric link? 

A. jumbo frames 

B. filters 

C. fragmentation 

D. policies 

Answer: A 

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