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2021 Aug 200-047 free practice exam

Q31. What block size is recommended for Windows clients using iSCSI on an Isilon Cluster? 

A. 4 KB 

B. 8 KB 

C. 16 KB 

D. 32 KB 

Answer: B

Q32. An NFSv4 connection requires which of the following configurations? (Choose 3) 

A. Set domain on cluster 

B. Enable NFSv4 on cluster 

C. Set SmartConnect zone 

D. Enable backup 

E. Set domain on client 

Answer: ABE

Q33. What are the data mirroring options available on an Isilon cluster? 

A. +1 to+4 mirroring 

B. 1x – 8x mirroring 

C. 2x – 8x mirroring 

D. 4x – 16x mirroring 

Answer: C

Q34. HDFS support in an Isilon cluster requires a license. 

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: A

Q35. What does the on-disk identity type supports both UNIX and Windows clients? 


B. Native 

C. Compatible 

D. Each on-disk identity supports only one type of client 

Answer: B

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Q36. Which data access pattern is the default on a LUN? 

A. Parallel 

B. Concurrency 

C. Serial 

D. Streaming 

E. Random 

F. Dynamic 

Answer: E

Q37. Which of the following can be Hadoop clients? 

A. Windows and NFS 

B. Windows only 

C. NFS only 

D. HDFS only 

Answer: C

Q38. Which isi commands can be used to display locked files on an SMB share? 

A. isi smb app list / isi smb user list 

B. isi smb session list / isi smb file list 

C. isi smb app list / isi smb file list 

D. isi smb session list / isi 

Answer: B

Q39. What is the default method SupportIQ uses to get data generated by scripts to Isilon Technical Support? 

A. E-mail 




Answer: B

Q40. Which of the following are available Repair Permissions jobs? (Choose 3) 

A. Convert permissions 

B. Reset permissions 

C. Clone permissions 

D. Inherit permissions 

E. Upgrade permissions 

Answer: ACD

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