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2021 Feb 2v0-621d dumps:

Q111. An administrator is having a problem configuring Storage I/O Control on a Datastore. Which two conditions could explain the issue? (Choose two.)

A. A host is running ESXi 4.0.

B. An ESXi host does not have appropriate licensing.

C. The vCenter Server version is 5.0.

D. The vCenter Server License is Standard.

Answer: A,B

Q112. Refer to the Exhibit.

What will be created upon completion of the steps in this wizard?

A. 100GB VMFS5 datastore with free space available for expansion

B. 100GB VMFS5 datastore with free space available for a second datastore

C. 100GB VMFS3 datastore

D. 200.01 GB VMFS5 datastore

Answer: A

Q113. An administrator tries to capture network traffic for a virtual machine, but cannot see the expected traffic in the packet capture tool.

Which step can resolve the problem?

A. Migrate the virtual machine to a Distributed Virtual Switch.

B. Enable Promiscous Mode on the relevant port group.

C. Modify the default value of MAC Address changes.

D. Enable Forged Transmits on the virtual machine.

Answer: B

Q114. An administrator wishes to give a user the ability to manage snapshots for virtual machines.

Which privilege does the administrator need to assign to the user?

A. Datastore.Allocate Space

B. Virtual machine.Configuration.create snapshot

C. Virtual machine.Configuration.manage snapshot

D. Datastore.Browse Datastore

Answer: A

Q115. Which two statements are correct regarding vSphere certificates? (Choose two.)

A. ESXi host upgrades do not preserve the SSL certificate and reissue one from the VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA).

B. ESXi host upgrades preserve the existing SSL certificate.

C. ESXi hosts have assigned SSL certificates from the VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA) during install.

D. ESXi hosts have self-signed SSL certificates by default.

Answer: B,C

Most up-to-date 2v0-621d questions:

Q116. An administrator is configuring the clock tolerance for the Single Sign-On token configuration policy and wants to define the time skew tolerance between a client and the domain controller clock.

Which time measurement is used for the value?

A. Milliseconds

B. Seconds

C. Minutes

D. Hours

Answer: A

Q117. Which two statements are true regarding Virtual SAN Fault Domains? (Choose two.)

A. They enable Virtual SAN to tolerate the failure of an entire physical rack.

B. Virtual SAN ensures that no two replicas are provisioned on the same domain.

C. Virtual SAN ensures that all replicas are provisioned on the same domain.

D. They require VMware High Availability (HA) to ensure component distribution across domains.

Answer: A,B

Q118. An administrator notices that a Windows virtual machine is using 95% CPU in Task Manager.

Which two actions should be taken to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A. Increase the memory reservation of the virtual machine.

B. Increase the CPU Shares on the resource pool where the virtual machine resides.

C. Decrease the CPU reservation of the virtual machine.

D. Increase the CPU limit on the resource pool where the virtual machine resides.

Answer: B,D

Q119. What are two ways to view the DNS settings for an ESXi 6.x host? (Choose two.)

A. Use the vicfg-dns command from the vSphere Management Appliance.

B. View the /etc/resolv.conf file on the ESXi host.

C. Use vicfg-dns command on the ESXi host.

D. View the /etc/dns.conf file on the ESXi host.

Answer: A,B

Q120. Which command shows the Physical Uplink status for a vmnic?

A. esxcli network ip get

B. esxcli network nic list

C. esxcli network vmnic list

D. esxcli network ifconfig get

Answer: B

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