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Q1. Refer to Exhibit:

Which statement about the configuration on the Cisco router is true?

A. The router sends only NTP traffic, using the loopback interface, and it disables eth0/0 from sending NTP traffic.

B. Eth0/0 sends NTP traffic on behalf of the loopback interface

C. The router sends only NTP traffic, using the eth0/0 interface, and it disables loopback0 from sending NTP traffic.

D. The router never sends NTP traffic, as using the loopback interface for NTP traffic is not supported on IOS routers.

Answer: C

Q2. Refer to the exhibit.

Based on this FIB table, which statement is correct?

A. There is no default gateway.

B. The IP address of the router on FastEthernet is

C. The gateway of last resort is

D. The router will listen for all multicast traffic.

Answer: C

Q3. Router E is configured with the EIGRP variance 2 command.

What path will Router E take to reach Router A?

A. only E-D-A

B. only E-B-A

C. only E-C-A

D. both E-B-A and E-C-A

E. both E-B-A and E-D-A

F. all available paths.

Answer: D


By using the u201cvariance 2 command we can share traffic to other feasible successor routes. But by default, EIGRP only shares traffic to 4 paths. So we need to use the u201cmaximum- paths 6 to make sure all of these routes are used.

Q4. Which three statements about IPv6 EIGRP are true? (Choose Three)

A. EIGRP neighbor relationships are formed using the link-local address.

B. EIGRP neighbor relationships can be formed only on the configured IPv6 address.

C. It supports EUI-64 addresses only.

D. EIGRP route advertisement is configured under the interface configuration.

E. An IPv6 EIGRP router ID is required.

F. EIGRP route advertisement is configured under the ipv6 router eigrp configuration.

Answer: A,C,D

Q5. Which of the following is a GRE Tunnel characteristic?

A. GRE impose more CPU overhead than IPSec on VPN gateways

B. GRE tunnels can run through IPsec tunnels.

C. GRE Tunnel doesn't have support for IPv6

D. GRE consists of two sub-protocols: Encapsulated Security Payload (ESP) and Authentication Header (AH).

Answer: B


If you run an IPsec tunnel through a GRE tunnel then we call it as "IPsec over GRE"

Q6. Which two protocols are required for DMVPN? (Choose two)

A. IPsec




E. Open VPN

Answer: A,D

Explanation: The DMVPN feature allows users to better scale large and small IP Security (IPsec) Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) by combining generic routing encapsulation (GRE) tunnels, IPsec encryption, and Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP).

Q7. PPPoE is composed of which two phases?

A. Active Authentication Phase and PPP Session Phase

B. Passive Discovery Phase and PPP Session Phase

C. Active Authorization Phase and PPP Session Phase

D. Active Discovery Phase and PPP Session Phase

Answer: D

Q8. Scenario:

You have been asked to evaluate an OSPF network setup in a test lab and to answer questions a customer has about its operation. The customer has disabled your access to the show running-config command.

Areas of Router 5 and 6 are not normal areas, inspect their routing tables and determine which statement is true?

A. R5's Loopback and R6's Loopback are both present in R5's Routing table

B. R5's Loopback and R6's Loopback are both present in R6's Routing table

C. Only R5's loopback is present in R5's Routing table

D. Only R6's loopback is present in R5's Routing table

E. Only R5's loopback is present in R6's Routing table

Answer: A

Topic 4, VPN Technologies

45.Refer to the following output:

Router#show ip nhrp detail via, Tunnel1 created 00:00:12, expire 01:59:47 TypE. dynamic, Flags: authoritative unique nat registered used

NBMA address:

What does the authoritative flag mean in regards to the NHRP information?

A. It was obtained directly from the next-hop server.

B. Data packets are process switches for this mapping entry.

C. NHRP mapping is for networks that are local to this router.

D. The mapping entry was created in response to an NHRP registration request.

E. The NHRP mapping entry cannot be overwritten.

Answer: A

Q9. Which technology does Easy Virtual Network use?




D. VRF-Lite

Answer: D

Q10. Refer to the exhibit.

After configuring the routes, the network engineer executes the show ip route command. What is the expected results?

A. Gateway of last resort is to network is subnetted, 2 subnetsC is directly connected, FastEthernet0/0 is directly connected, FastEthernet0/1S" [1/0] via] via

B. Gateway of last resort is 10 0.2 1 to network 0 0 00 10 0.0 0/24 is subnetted, 1 subnet C

10.0.2 is directly connected, FastEthernet 0/0 Su201d 0.0.0 0/0 [1/0] via Router #

C. Gateway of last report is not setRouter #

D. Gateway of test resort is to network is subnetted 1 subnet C is directly connected FastEthernet0/1 Su201d [1/0] via Router #

Answer: C

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