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Q11. Which of the following componentsare partsof XAPI? (Choose TWO correct answers.) 

A. The XADB configuration management database. 

B. The XAPI virtual file system available at /xen. 

C. The xm command. 

D. The xe command. 

E. The xapi daemon. 

Answer: D, E 

Q12. In keepalived, what is configured by the configuration option sorry_server? 

A. The addresses of backend servers that were overloaded in the past and should be scheduled with a reduced priority. 

B. The hostnames of the servers that, despite the remaining configuration, should always be scheduled by the Serial Operation Round Robin algorithm. 

C. The addresses of backend servers that should not get assigned any new connections. 

D. The default virtual host that is assigned to incoming HTTP requests missing a Host: header before forwarding them to a backend server. 

E. The address of a server to which requests are redirected in case no real server is available. 


Q13. Which of the following are valid KVM parameters? (Choose THREE correct answers.) 

A. -drive file=iscsi://user%password@fileserver/iqn.2001-04.com.example/1 

B. -drive file=rsync://user%password@fileserver:/tmp/file.iso,media=cdrom,readonly 

C. -drive file=ssh://user@host/tmp/file.img 

D. -drive file=imap://user:password@mailserver:/INBOX/Wufnc6MjYp@mailgate 

E. -drive file=http://user:password@fileserver/pub/linux.iso,media=cdrom,readonly 

Answer: A, C, E 

Q14. Which of the following commands lists the snapshots existing in the disk image vm1.img? 

A. qemu-info snapshots vm1.img 

B. qemu-img snapshot -l vm1.img 

C. qemu -hda snapshot -l vm1.img -noboot -list snapshots 

D. qemu-snapshots -l vm1.img 

E. qemu-monitor -snapshots -hda vm1.img 


Q15. Which of the following data should be copied to the virtual machine when migrating a physical machine to a virtual machine? 

A. The block device buffers 

B. The CPU flags 

C. The file systems or their content 

D. The CPU register's content 

E. The memory 


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Q16. What is true for a virtual IP address in the context of keepalived? (Choose TWO correct answers.) 

A. The distinct IP addresses of all backend servers are called virtual IP addresses. 

B. Every server running keepalived has exactly one virtual IP address and cannot have any additional virtual IP addresses. 

C. The virtual IP address is the address to which incoming connections are made in order to reach the load balancer. 

D. keepalived uses VRRP to ensure the availability of the virtual IP address. 

E. Within the whole LVS cluster managed by keepalived, the virtual IP address never appears on any network interface. 

Answer: C, D 

Q17. Which of the following statements is true regarding journals of a GFS2 filesystem? 

A. Each GFS2 filesystem has exactly one journal. 

B. Once a GFS2 filesystem is created, the number of journals cannot be changed. 

C. Every node that simultaneously mounts the filesystem requires its own GFS2 journal. 

D. Journals were heavily used in GFS and are deprecated and optional in GFS2. 

E. The GFS Cluster Journal Daemon, GCJD, handles the journaling in a GFS2 cluster. 



Which command is used to edit and display the running Linux Virtual Server (LVS) configuration? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.) 



Section 3: Sec Three (109 to 120) 

Details:Topic 3, High Availability Cluster Storage 

Q19. Which of the following technologies are partsof the Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Add-On? (Choose THREE correct answers.) 



C. cLVM 

D. Pacemaker 


Answer: B, C, D 

Q20. Which of the following KVM monitor commands changes the image file in the first IDE CDROM drive of a virtual machine? 

A. change ide1-cd0 /tmp/linux.iso 

B. update ide1-cd0 /tmp/linux.iso 

C. set ide1-cd0=/tmp/linux.iso 

D. eject --reconnect ide1-cd0 /tmp/linux.iso 

E. disc file=/tmp/linux.iso,device=/dev/sr0 


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