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Q41. Which of the following statements are true regarding the Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Add-On? (Choose TWO correct answers.) 

A. It offers support for load balanced clusters only and cannot manage failover clusters. 

B. It does not include any storage components. 

C. It can be managed using the regular Pacemaker commands like pcs. 

D. It uses its own messaging subsystem, RHMQ, for cluster communication. 

E. It is built on top of several high availability components that are also available in other Linux distributions. 

Answer: C, E 

Q42. Which of the following statements describes fencing resources in a high availability cluster? 

A. Fencing is the automated stop and restart of cluster services that suffer from software errors. 

B. Fencing is the disconnection of a failed cluster node from any other cluster resources. 

C. Fencing is the forwarding of incoming network connections to backend servers. 

D. Fencing is the assignment of services to different cluster nodes to avoid interference of the services. 

E. Fencing is the accounting and limitation of disk usage on shared storage. 


Q43. Which of the following statements is true regarding networking with libvirt? 

A. Libvirt's network functionality is limited to connecting virtual machines to a physical network interface of the host system. 

B. Libvirt networks appear, by default, as standard Linux bridges in the host system. 

C. Libvirt assigns the same MAC address to all virtual machines and isolates their network interfaces at the link layer. 

D. Libvirt requires a dedicated network interface that may not be used by the host system. 

E. Libvirt supports exactly one virtual network and connects all virtual machines to it. 


Q44. Which of the following statements is true regarding a failover cluster? 

A. The core component of every failover cluster is a load balancer. 

B. Every service may not be run more than once in a cluster. 

C. Failover clusters provide scalability of a service beyond the capacities of one cluster node. 

D. Failover clusters always require storage that is shared by all nodes. 

E. In normal operation, services may be spread over all nodes. 


Q45. Which of the following commands can be used to safely test and preview Pacemaker configuration changes? (Choose TWO correct answers.) 

A. crm_test 

B. crm_simulate 

C. crm_dryrun 

D. crm_lab 

E. crm_shadow 

Answer: B, E 

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Q46. How does high availability clustering relate to periodic storage backup? (Choose TWO correct answers.) 

A. Regular backups become generally unnecessary as any data loss or corruption is automatically recovered by the high availability cluster. 

B. Regular backups remain vital as they allow restoration of data that was accidentally deleted or corrupted. 

C. Regular backups may be reduced to the cluster configuration and cluster state data as this information is sufficient to recover any state of the cluster, including data, at any time. 

D. Backups should be located only on the local storage of the cluster and should not be backed up in order to prevent bandwidth congestion. 

E. Backup procedures may have to be adapted to the cluster to ensure complete and recoverable backups. 

Answer: B, E 

Q47. CORRECT TEXT In the command: pcs constraint order VHost1IPv4 HTTPD which missing word is required in order to ensure that the service HTTPD is always started after the service VHost1IPv4? 


then, THEN 

Q48. Which of the following tasksare partsof a hypervisor's responsibility? (Choose TWO correct answers.) 

A. Create filesystems during the installation of new VM guest operating systems. 

B. Provide host-wide unique PIDs to the processes running inside the VMs in order to ease interprocess communication between virtual machines. 

C. Map the resources of virtual machines to the resources of the host system. 

D. Ensure isolation and eliminate any interference between virtual machines. 

E. Manage authentication to network services running inside a virtual machine. 

Answer: C, D 

Q49. Which of the following configuration settings specify that keepalived is to use the round robin algorithm? 

A. lb_mode rr 

B. lb_algo rr 

C. loadbalancer_mode=rr 

D. algorithm=round robin 

E. lb_algorithm=rr 


Q50. How does the command to add a new resource to a Pacemaker cluster using crm begin? 

A. crm manage cluster 

B. crm configure resource 

C. crm service add 

D. crm configure primitive 

E. crm resource new 


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